Hong Kong is a fast-paced, vibrant city with a forefront view of picture-perfect skylines, hard workers and hard party-goers. But we at also wanted everyone to cherish the nature side of Hong Kong as well; which has eye gawking islands and a vast coastline!

That’s why we at HKYantoYan.com carried out a survey for the Top 5 HK Beaches in 2019 and following are the results:


Top 5 HK Beaches - Tai Long Wan Beach
Image Credit: adelaidedaup

The route to get to Tai Long Wan can be exhausting but, it promises a great time once you get there. Away from the city, this is a spot where you can rejuvenate your overly stressed mind with surfing, hiking or lazing around like a sloth!

If you need more than a few hours, you can always choose to camp on the sandy plain under the stary night. Food and drinks won’t be a problem as Ham Tin Wan – Hoi Fung Store & On Kee Store and Sai Wan – Hoi Shan Restaurant & Oriental Restaurant & Bar are there to worry about it for you.


Shek O Beach
Image Credit: shady_samm

With the lack of numerous large waves constantly jostling the shore, Shek O Beach tends to be more of sand. That’s a benefit as it opens up an array of options for top-notch cafes, restaurants barbequing at the beachfront and golfing at the Shek O Country Club.

It usually attracts a lot of crowd during the weekends yet, you can and will find a place to soak in your share of glimmering sun. Since it’s one of the major tourist attractions, the comfort facilities of showers, washrooms, umbrellas, chairs etcetera are a great add on.

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Repulse Bay Beach
Image Credit: __lisma__

Repulse Bay, giving us a luxury experience of ‘Best of Both Worlds’ makes it one of the most convenient beach visits of Hong Kong!

After a long refreshing walk, rolling in the sand and taking a dunk in the sea, switch to posh by moving into The Pulse. This shopping centre provides a great variety of restaurants and stores that will keep you busy for the rest of your day.


Clearwater Bay Beach
Image Credit: mable_moodystuff

Voted fourth on the survey we have the serine Clearwater Bay Beach. As you must know, from the two beaches available, Clearwater Bay Beach 2 is easily accessible hence, preferable.

There are only a few drinks and ice cream vendors on this almost plastic-free beach to rest those hunger cravings after a good swim. That is to say if you are heading here to spend more than just a few hours, pack a picnic.

However, soaking in some sun with fine surrounding country-side like experience will make it all worth it!


Turtle Cove Beach - Top 5 HK Beaches
Image Credit: daniels101

The Turtle Cove Beach, one that protects Hong Kong’s endangered green turtles’ was voted as the fifth. Generally closed from June to October to protect the creatures, this beach is not on the list of most. Making it the first preference for those who relish secluded personal space and time.

Also, you will not find any vendors around so you should bring along sufficient supplies for your visit!

So, that was all from the survey done by HKYantoYan.com about the Top 5 HK Beaches in 2019. We would love for you to share your experiences with us in the comments below!

Until then, enjoy the good times and tan lines ๐Ÿ˜‰


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