Hiking in Hong Kong

By on April 4, 2013

A typical postcard of Hong Kong is likely to paint a landscape of the Hong Kong harbor: a galore of intimidating towers striving for new heights of individuality. Perhaps tourists may enjoy the image of a concrete jungle, but as HK yans, most of us yearn for their green green grass! Thankfully, the picturesque locales of greener grass is only a hike away. Hiking in Hong Kong is one of the most popular activities with tourists as well as locals.

Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle

Given the city’s commonly commercialized commotion, one is initially intrigued by the trivia that a popular hobby amongst locals is hiking. Akin to a day-long holiday for the economical, hikes are a great escape from HK’s hustle and bustle. If done with the appropriate precautions, it could be an activity as enjoyable as healthy. Tirelessly walking along challenging of pathways nature may not replace the rigors of a treadmill run, but it’ll often energize much more. Amidst the spontaneity of nature, one’s brain is kept more alert, as it actively receives, and responds to, countless uncontrollable stimuli in the environment.

In fact, hikes are one of the rare opportunities to synergize one’s left and right brain hemispheres. On excursions the right brain is busy calculating technicalities like the supply of resources needed, best route(s) forward, and time left to the next transportation. Meanwhile, the left brain is equally occupied, admiring the aesthetic scenery with wonder and awe. The shores of nature are deemed an artist’s haven; there couldn’t possibly be a more opportune place that intuitively invites infinite inspiration inhibitively. From being physiologically healthy, a hike could also become therapeutic or even the impetus to a catharsis.

Natural Jungle

Natural Jungle

While some enjoy adventurously sailing to distant and uncommon islands, like Sharp Island, others prefer the safer route of following the crowd and going by road, a la Dragon’s Back. There are approximately sixty two hike trails, each with varying distances, difficulties, and distinctions. Kam Shan Country Park, for instance, is a trail laden with monkeys, which is quite a treat for a city with bereft of most land animals.

With the weather now warming up, one can expect to see more adventurists out and about. While some may still wonder how HK can simultaneously be the hub of global corporates as well as nature enthusiasts, the common feature is clearly evident: the ambition to discover new heights.

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