Hong Kong, otherwise known to be the city of hustle and bustle, is also known for its hiking trails. These trails, more than often, prove to be a healthy and refreshing getaway for the people living in this city. And honestly, we love it!

But, to keep it from getting too mundane for the regulars and the thrill-seekers, I from HKYantoYan am here to exhilarate your experience with a list of Easy Night Trails In HK!

Sir Cecil’s Ride

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Sir Cecil’s Ride has gotten its name from Cecil Clementi – former Hong Kong governor. Starting from Quarry Bay’s Mount Parker Road this almost easy trail takes you till the Braemar Hill Shopping Centre.

From Quarry Bay, follow the road to Mount Butler Road. Walk over the narrow bridge, that leads to the intersection of the Hong Kong Trail and Wilson Trail. After which the two short steep flight of stairs will take you up to Sir Cecil’s Ride.

The only reason I say it isn’t all that easy is cause it starts with a steep climb up and ends with a steep flight of stairs down. The rest of your 3km walk is going to be an absolute piece of cake. The time taken to complete this trail is approximately 45 mins to an hour. Of which, most will go unaccounted for as you will be busy admiring the night beauty of mother nature and the illuminated skyscrapers of Hong Kong.

The Peak Circle

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The Peak Circe trail is seated on the highest point in Hong Kong. As a result, it reveals breathtaking panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and the vertical skyline.

It’s a 3.5 km walking trail that begins from the Peak Tower at Lugard Road and goes on to Harlech Rod which slowly leads back to the Peak Tower. Access to this trail is equitably easy. You can consider this as the perfect stressbuster after a long day at work!

P.S. Don’t forget to stop and admire the waterfall below Mount Austin Playground.

Devil’s Peak

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The name, Devil’s Peak, has been carried on since the Qing Dynasty. A time in history when pirates used it as a lookout point. It also played a significant role during the Second World War. More like ‘Once upon a time’ stories, right?

The trail in comparison to its name is a child’s play! However, you will experience a blast from the past when you come across the Chinese Permanent Cemetery and bunkers.

With golden dust views of the harbour at night, this 4.4 km trail starts at Lei Yue Mun road which leads you to a roundabout. Take a left on to Ko Chui Road that leads you to the cemetery. Then on, follow signs to the Willson Trail that will ultimately guide you to Devil’s Peak.

Parkview to Quarry Bay MTR Station

View from Jardine’s Lookout
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The trail from Parkview to Quarry Bay is more like an all-embracing one! After all, it includes two spectacular viewpoints – Jardine’s Lookout and Mount Butler – which aid in picturesque views of Hong Kong’s skyline. Especially with all the glittering lights at night.

While this trail has a 6.5 km coverage, I would term it as a moderate one since it has a fair amount of stairs and climbing. To get to the start, you’ve got to get past the Wong Nai Chung Reservoir on Tai Tam Reservoir Road that will gradually lead you to Parkview. Then on, follow the signboards to Jardine’s Lookout. Once you gasp on the views up there, head to Mount Butler and soak in the mesmerising views of Quarry Bay and Tai Koo.

Afterwards, head down to Mount Parker Road which will lead you back into the city on King’s Road next to Tai Koo / Quarry Bay MTR station.

Dragon’s Back

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It is but apparent that most of you know about the Dragon’s Back Trail. Even though it is 8 kilometres in length, to walk across feels more like a long mysterious stroll that leads you to a beach – Big Wave Bay.

Most embark on this trail during the mornings where you experience landscapes of greenery. Still, it isn’t as pleasant as the night where it’s you, your friends, nature and minus the extras.

As a matter of fact, the darkness of the night enables you to make use of your otherwise secondary senses. The impact of which makes night hiking adventurous!

Well, while this is more of a directional list, it does make me liable to quickly alert you of a few safety measures you must take into consideration such as:

  1. Choose a trail you’ve been through during the day.
  2. Always take along a few friends.
  3. Don’t head out on a night hike without a headlamp.
  4. Make sure you carry essentials but do not overdo it; hike light!
  5. For optimum visibility, choose days that are on or close to a new moon.

Also, anyone who’s already put themselves out on these Easy Night Trails In HK, take us amateurs through the dos and don’ts in the comments section below. Be our guiding light! T.I.A.


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