Many people in the world believe that Homeopathy, an alternative medicine system, is one of the most powerful and natural forms of treatment which is capable of curing any disease and illness. But is that true?

It is believed that Homeopathy has been practiced since the 18th century and it’s big not only in India but in many western countries too. But many researchers and cynics have challenged homeopaths to prove that treatment really works.

While many Homeopaths have claimed that their medicines contain healing powers, scientists have slammed their claims by stating that their treatment is nothing but a ‘placebo effect’. Researchers have also discovered that their remedies or original medicines are diluted with water to an extent that eventually there’s not a single molecule of chemical left in the medicines.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Indians Should Quit Trusting Homeopathy Treatment: 

1. Complete Lack of Evidence

There must be a reason why, for centuries, homeopathy experts have failed to prove the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines which is forcing people to completely shun this treatment. “The continued practice of homeopathy, despite a lack of evidence of efficacy, has led to it being characterized within the scientific and medical communities as nonsense, quackery, and a sham,” states Wikipedia.

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2. Increases Health Risks

It’s true that Homeopathic medicines have been effective on some people because of the placebo effect, but they are also responsible for increasing health hazards in patients. In many cases, Homeopathy has stopped or controlled a disease indefinitely only to aggravate the situation by delaying medical treatment for life threatening illnesses that weren’t diagnosed on time.


3. As Good As a Sugar Pill

For centuries, there have been instances wherein patients with high fever or a major illness are given proper medicines but they still don’t get better. On the other hand, there have been patients who are given sugar pills and get better. This is called the ‘placebo effect’ and many studies have proved that homeopathy too, is nothing more than a placebo effect wherein a patient gets better dues to his/her belief in the treatment.


4. Use Of Unethical Ingredients

Experts have found dangerous and poisonous ingredients such as poison ivy in homeopathic medicines and there have been reports of seizures and deaths after use of it.

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5. On the Verge Of Shutting Down

The homeopathy industry is in trouble more than ever now, since there has been an increase of media attention. People used to believe anything they were told in the olden days but things are different in the modern world and it’s only a matter of time when there might be a stop to homeopathy for good. The UK National Health Service recently announced that the Homeopathy practice will be banned as it does nothing but ‘misuse resources’.

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