Indian Destination Wedding: The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa

An Indian Wedding At The Westin Langkawi Resort

Langkawi is a mini paradise. Located a few miles off the mainland of Malaysia and having the southwest border of Thailand towards the northwest, Langkawi has imaginably fascinating beaches, pristine tropical waters and it offers a degree of serenity that not many archipelagos or maritime cities offer in South East Asia.

Destination weddings have become very popular in recent times and one destination that has been creating waves is The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa. Having spent a few nights at the Resort and having explored the facilities, the food and the hospitality of the Westin property in Langkawi, one can infer that it is certainly one of the best destinations for weddings in the region.

Location Of Westin Langkawi Resort

An Indian Wedding At The Westin Langkawi Resort

Langkawi is an archipelago. It comprises of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea. Westin Langkawi Resort is located on the largest island in the archipelago. The largest island has come to be known as the famous destination of Langkawi and Westin sits prettily in the southern tip of this island, only 20-30 minutes from the Langkawi Airport. Westin Langkawi Resort offers you a right-on-the-beach location but keeps you enticingly close to the business, commercial and shopping districts of the island.

Review Of The Resort (Including That Of The Wedding Venues Inside The Property)

Westin Langkawi Resort is exactly what an exotic beach resort should be. It is ideal for beach holidays, for honeymoons and certainly for destination weddings.

Let us look at the pros and cons of organizing an Indian wedding at Westin in Langkawi.

An Indian Wedding At The Westin Langkawi Resort Aerial view
Aerial view

Indian weddings require space. There is a lot of running around, a plethora of stuffs to be put together and there is the typical gathering of the entire clan and a large social circle. Even though modern Indian families have nuclear residences all come together whenever some wedding bells are rung. The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa has no dearth of space. Whether it is the front lobby or the beachfront open air spaces, the banquets or the spas and the dining areas, there is absolutely no space crunch. It is no wonder then that Westin Langkawi Resort has already witnessed hundreds of weddings including some very high profile ones of Indians living abroad and of other nationals from Hong Kong among other countries.

An Indian Wedding At The Westin Langkawi Resort Beach Dining
Beach Dining

An Indian wedding is all about jubilation’s, extravagance and food. The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa is not very far from India and that shows in their offerings. The chefs can customise their menu in any way you want. You can go with an entirely vegetarian palette or you can have a blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. You can also have an entirely non-vegetarian menu. You can have vegetarian and non-vegetarian food cooked separately. You can also opt for Jain food which will be cooked in entirely different ways adhering to the stringent customs.

An Indian Wedding At The Westin Langkawi Resort Five Bedroom Villa
Five Bedroom Villa

The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa offers you a boutique of choices when it comes to accommodation, dining and recreation. There are standard rooms, superior patio rooms, premium garden view rooms, premium partial ocean view rooms, premium ocean view rooms, one bedroom and two bedroom suites as well as villas. For weddings, especially for Indian families, the five bedroom villas would be ideal. To eat, you can choose from Anjung Damai, Breeze Lounge, Seasonal Tastes, Spa by Night, Splash, Tide and Unwind Hour among others.
For weddings, Westin Langkawi Resort offers ‘Float’, beachfront open air spaces, ballrooms and other indoor banquet choices. ‘Float’ is surreal, wedding by the beach at Langkawi under a moonlit sky or during the sunset is another paradisiacal experience and the indoor spaces are great for gatherings and parties.

An Indian Wedding At The Westin Langkawi Resort - Heavenly Spa Entrance
Heavenly Spa Entrance and Indian Wedding Venue

The Spa facilities of Westin in Langkawi are a sheer delight. The Heavenly Spa by Westin and the several other choices will not just prepare you for a grand wedding but also rejuvenate you in more ways than you can imagine. The spa areas can be used for Mehndi, which is an integral custom in Indian weddings. The spas are away from the main areas of the resort which make it secluded and good for the women to get their Mehndi done.
Westin Langkawi Resort is a package deal. From accommodation to food, arrangements to get done with the customs to renting a cool MiniCooper or a classy BMW 7 to travel to and from the resort and to explore Langkawi, everything can be made available at your discretion.

An Indian Wedding At The Westin Langkawi Resort - Infinity Pool
Infinity Pool

There are water sports, beach sports and numerous other activities to indulge in but you will have to restrict your swims to the pools and not head out to the sea. The beach has a ferry pier nearby and that makes it unsuitable for a swim in the tropical waters.

From the main pool to the sunken bar, from the cocktails to the sumptuous food, Westin Langkawi Resort is a spellbinding experience.


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