Bridal style gives fashion enthusiasts an opportunity to explore the latest trends and wedding outfits in the fashion industry. Whether you’re becoming a bride this year or casually visiting this side of the world, you will surely enjoy the latest fashion trends of the Indian bridal market.

This year brings out the best and most glamorous outfits that will define your elegance and make your princess dreams come true. From pre-wedding functions to the main event, our talented designers from around the world have showered us with the latest trends for soon-to-be-brides.

Here are some of the latest Indian bridal fashion trends to watch out for this year!

1. Meld Gowns

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Credit: MidfDay

If you’re looking for the perfect choice for your cocktail gala or reception party, then these fusion gowns are surely the best bet! They are a beautiful blend between contemporary and traditional designs that will make you the center of attention at any event. Embellished with embroidered net gown and subtle colors, fusion gowns are a must for your wedding!

2. Neon Choli

HKYY Bridal Trends 2018 HKYantoYan
Credit: Vogue India

Bold colors are all for this season! Pastel colored choli paired with neon ghagra are the best combo to watch out this year! You can add sparkling heels and you’re ready to rock your persona at any lighting.

3. Jackets

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Credit: Gravity

Whether you’re having your wedding in the mid winters or summers, you can enjoy this trend at any time of the year. Simply add these traditional and embroidered jackets with your lehenga or saree and you’re ready to take over the day with your beauty.

4. Long Sleeve Blouse

HKYY Bridal Trends 2018 HKYantoYan Jackets
Credit: DesiBabElite

If you enjoy stalking celebrities for fashion advice, you might have noticed long sleeves blouses in their ethnic looks. Drape on a beautiful and elegant sari and add a long sleeved embroidered blouse on top, to make the right impression.

5. Motifs on Groom Outfit

HKYY Bridal Trends 2018 HKYantoYan Men
Credit: Pinterest

Why should girls have all the fun? Now grooms can up their fashion game with the cool motifs wedding outfit! The motifs are embroidered on the grooms-wear by hand and look mesmerizing for the special day.

6. Velvet is Back

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Credit: Panache India

Now velvet is back with a bang! But, instead of bold colors, this time they are dazzling in nude tones. From wedding lehngas to cocktail gowns, you can totally rock the look with this amazing material.

7. Digital Prints

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Credit: Pinterest

Now you can paint your story with beautiful geometric, abstract, and even floral patterns. Channel the power of spring and get into the festive mode with printed sari, blouse, dress, lehngas, and anything else.

8. Minimalistic

HKYY Bridal Trends 2018 HKYantoYan Minimal
Credit: Pinterest

They say less is good and now it is true for Indian bridal fashion. Enjoy the comfort of going less with designer clothes and have fun at any event. Tone down the embroidery and the jewelry, and make a statement with your style.

9. Straight Suits

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Credit: Gravity Fashion

Let’s do some straight shooting with the popular suits that everyone loves this season. Umbrella and short suits are so last year you need a collection of straight suits in bold shades and embroideries that will add a sparkle to your event.

Which Indian bridal fashion trend you love the most? Share your views in the comment section below.


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