When it comes to photography, names such as Homai Vyarawalla, Raghu Rai and Prabuddha Dasgupta are globally popular. These are few of the most famous and talented photographers of the 20th century. Photographers have their own genres or specialties as some specialize in fine arts, candid and aerial while some in fashion, wildlife and photojournalism.

A photograph is a source of sending a message to the world, sometimes the message is good and sometimes it’s sad. With unlimited access to digital phones and cameras, photography has become quite easy now, and if you have a knack for capturing jaw-dropping photos, then this list of popular Indian photographers will further inspire you.

1| Arko Datta


Born in Delhi, Arko Datta is a photojournalist who rose to fame after his expressive Gujrat riots photos went viral in 2002. His photography was one of the few that depicted the pain and suffering of victims stuck in the riot. One of his photos was recognized by media as “the defining image of Gujarat carnage” and was featured in major newspapers all around the world. He is an award-winning photojournalist whose photos are regularly featured in magazines and newspapers since last two decades.

2| Amit Madheshiya


Amit Madheshiya is an award-winning photographer who extended his venture into filmmaking last year. Madheshiya’s candid shots of villagers watching a movie on a community cinema screen won many awards and recognition across the globe. Being a cinema fanatic himself, the experience had been one of the most rewarding for this photographer.

3| Atul Kasbekar


Atul Kasbekar from Mumbai is one of the most recognized fashion photographers there is. He has won many awards for his work and has carried out photo shoots of famous Bollywood actors. His most well-known work to date are his sexy ‘Kingfisher Calendar’ shoots.

4| Pablo Bartholomew


Pablo Bartholomew is a photojournalist and independent photographer known for his incredible talent. His most notable works include Bhopal Gas Tragedy, Indira Gandhi’s funeral and riots that followed her assassination, funeral of Mother Teresa and cyclones in Bangladesh. In 2013, Bartholomew received a Padma Shri award for his extraordinary work throughout his career.

5| Ketaki Sheth


Ketaki Sheth from Mumbai, began her journey in photography at a very young age. Initially, she captured the chaotic streets and busy people in her town but her curiosity drove her to start a project of her own ‘A Certain Grace: The Sidi: Indians of African Descent‘ for which she snapped numerous eye-catching photos.



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