German label Hugo Boss has just announced their winter collection (BOSS Selection Fall/Winter 2012) for men and women. It’s a combination of sleek designs and beautiful, rich fabrics that will keep you looking good and feeling warm in the cold, winter months.

The suits are classic and timeless, and worth every penny. Many Indian men love the feel of the fabric on their skin, and women feel elegant and feminine in pieces from the collection.

Boss Black

The men’s suit is classic black & tailored perfectly, while the women’s is sexy, sleek & textural.

This menswear collection was inspired by the Hopper twins, both creative in their own right. It’s a contemporary take on the classic pieces that Hugo Boss is famous for. The sports jackets are in wool and cashmere, with small textural detailing. The women’s collection is full of soft and fluid fabrics. The outfits seamlessly transition from day to evening wear. A streamlined silhouette for the dresses and skirts are modern-day chic, and the colour choices are classic and contemporary.


Boss Orange

Boss orange, casual and comfortable.

The Boss Orange line is quirky and casual. The men’s collection has trendy parka jackets and cotton coats that are vintage-inspired. The trousers are made of wool and corduroy, which some might think reminds them of their elderly uncle. But with the come back of retro-inspired looks, it’s absolutely on trend. The women’s collection has touches of sportswear, and snake-skin detailing. Fur-lined jackets and chunky knitwear are practical and stylish for the winter months. The women’s collection also includes slate-grey jeans, perfect for when you want to keep covered in the cold.

Boss Selection

Classic and contemporary, the Boss Selection is timeless.

Luxury collection Boss Selection is inspired by famed photographer Gunter Sachs, who was briefly married to model, actress and sex symbol Brigitte Bardot. There are two parts to the collection. One is a more casual look with bright colours and relaxed trench coats. A highlight is a camel coloured jacket with elbow patches, another throw-back to the 1970s. The second element of the collection is formal evening-wear. Suits are in the classic colours of black and grey, with a hint of burgundy for a jewel-toned twist. The fabrics are soft and velvety rich.

Hugo Boss is located at Sing Pao Building, 8 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong 


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