On 7th September, the Culture of Consciousness organised a workshop named The Yin and Yang Within conducted by motivational speaker, Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia. The workshop looked at how individuals express themselves through embracing and accepting the duality of masculine and feminine energies within themselves, how they harmonise with each other and how we perform according to them; in short, maintaing the inner balance between the two energies within.

The Inner Balance
Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia teaching about the Inner Balance

It is the way in which these energies interact and use their polarized expressions to create an individual’s reality. It is with the understanding and knowledge of these balances that provide us with the means to express ourselves with clarity, creativity and connection.

Dr. Kapadia explained how the female energy, namely Yin, is the nurturing, caring and instinctual balance which harmonises with the Yang, the male, strong and focused balance. With the stabilisation and harmonisation of the Yin and Yang, we become more aware of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours, all of which are executed through the experience of the environment, culture as well as people we interact with.

The Inner Balance
Attendees understanding the balance between the Yin and Yang

The workshop saw attendees of all ages, all of whom were in the hopes of understanding how the energies within them harmonise and balance out with each other. It received immense positive response and many were seen recording the talk and taking down notes.

For more information on upcoming events by Culture of Consciousness, visit www.cultureofconsciousness.org.


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