Women love to be fashion forward, and when it comes to nails, it shows whether you take good care of yourself and if you’re on trend. Personally, I love  ‘DIY nails’, but gel nails are out of the question. First of all, if you’ve gotten your nails gelled, you’d know how the thick gel gets in the way of everything. Secondly, when your nail grows, the difference in thickness compels you to go and get them removed. Thirdly, when you remove them, your nails are so damaged that you need to get them gelled again just so that they look more appealing, and the story starts all over again.

Doing your own nails might sound like a lot of effort, but there are some really easy and fashionable ways to stay upbeat and keep your nails alive.

Reverse French Manicure

Dita Von Teese sporting the reverse french

This should take you 10 minutes, tops, to complete. I would suggest two contrasting colors with which you could experiment. In the images above, I used Revlon’s 730 Valentine and a silver varnish on top. Revlon is a great brand that lasts long and is easily available in all SaSa stores around Hong Kong. This look has been in collections by top brands like Chanel, and worn by stars like Dita Von Tesse. Easy right?

Matte colors and transparent coatings

OPI’s extensive Matte Polishes

This style is really cool and you don’t need a lot of creativity or skill. I used a black matte nail varnish from OPI and a transparent polish to create the french manicure. Again, you could experiment! You can try diagonal stripes or polka dots. The only negative side to this design is that matte nail polish chips easier than regular varnishes.

Ombre nails

Lauren Conrad

If you’ve got some time on your hands, you might want to try this style. I love this trend because it goes with every outfit and it’s suitable for work. Best of all, there are so many tutorial videos on YouTube! There are so many creative ways to do ombre, like a gradient through all your nails or the same one throughout your fingers. Glitter ombre is really cool too and is easier to accomplish than the color ombre.

Ethnic nails

Go wild…with ethnic nails

Ethnic nails are more fun than professional. They are also time consuming but are definitely worth it. Some might look pretty confusing but I find the easiest way is to break down the design into parts and eventually the complicated idea is complete.

If you’d like to know more on DIY nail art or would like to request tutorials on certain styles, feel free to email me at aanchal@hkyantoyan.com


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