As Indians in Hong Kong, we all are aware of incidents of racism towards someone we know. In fact, many of us have a first-hand experience. From time to time, many of us worry if we are truly accepted in Hong Kong. While most people in Hong Kong are generally accepting of Indians and South Asians in general, racism in Hong Kong has been a pertaining issue.

Many of us have experienced racist comments, discrimination at work, denied of work. And after a point, it can be quite disheartening. We found a similar story today from Sumichhya – a Nepalese living in Hong Kong. Listen to her about her experience as a English tutor in Hong Kong and the racism she faces – that many of us may have also shared.


After watching her video, all we felt was disappointment. Despite of living in the 21st Century where the internet is a boom, people in Hong Kong continue to stick to their narrow mindset.

Yes, we agree with Sumichhya where she says “I am not attacking the entire Hong Kong population because I have met so many locals who are so nice, respectful, accepting and loving”. But, there is also a parallel and a substantial local populace who wouldn’t think twice before hulling at us – be it racism or plain ignorance. We at HKYantoYan strongly support the idea of speaking up against such Racism in Hong Kong, DO YOU?

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