The year 2019 has started and many resolutions have already been broken! But before the year flashes to an end, we from are here to motivate, push, and support you to identify and work on do-able New Year’s Resolutions for the new you!

Cooking At Home

You might consider this as a stressful task while living in Hong Kong, a city with long working hours and world-class restaurants (and cheap Dai Pai Dongs). Cooking at home comes with a bag full of benefits. Firstly, the savings are real – specially if you’re doing a meal-prep for a week at a go or making food for more than 1 person. Secondly, you will always have a choice of opting for healthier options in a self-made meal. Along with this, you will easily be able to have control over the portions you consume.

Cooking more at home makes that dinner out much more deserved!

Getting In Shape Mentally & Physically

New Year HKYantoYan

One of the surveys done by the Hong Kong Playground Association states that one in three young Hong Kongers suffers from stress. Isn’t that alarming – yet – believable? Doesn’t mean that the older generation is not stress-free.

Enough of the scare now. You need to work on it, hence, getting in shape – mentally and physically should be one of your 2019 resolutions. The key ingredients to this are sleep and physical activities. Promise yourself to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep, a moderate to high-intensity workouts at least 3 times a week or at least begin with fitting in a daily walk.

Regular Health Check-Ups

With the previous fact stated, one shouldn’t take this lightly. A regular health check-up should be scheduled and noted in the calendar at the beginning of 2019 and all the years ahead of itself.

Today, you might consider it as an expense but the later sicker you would surely regret every bit of this negligence. Small investments in health, in the long run, save you by catching hold of any disease at the break of it, treats you and keeps you at the best of your health!

Giving Back To The Community

Giving back to the community by the means of charity, volunteering or providing your skills at no cost – can work wonders for yourself. You get to meet new people, share your expertise with the ones who desperately require it. You can also develop a new skill and welcome a flood of new opportunities. All in all, giving back to the community not only is good for the community but makes you feel good about your own self. Looks great on your LinkedIn profile too!

Now, all of that being the benefits, are you sure you’d want to let this pass?

5) Reduce Plastic Usage


Fun Fact: Every year people dispose off enough plastic to circle Earth 4 times! In addition to that, Hong Kong landfills are estimated to reach their capacity before 2020.

Shocking, isn’t it? I guess you are currently thinking your actions alone will not make much of a difference so why even try!

But, we human race watch and learn. Hence, if you pledge to skip on that one time use plastic bag today, then tomorrow, the people around you will begin to adapt. Not only will this help improve your current environment but also bring in a better future. Plus, you save 50 cents each time!

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The effects of getting out of your comfort zone are immense as it opens the doors to an array of opportunities. In the beginning, you will want to run away with every muscle of yours. But, as the days pass, you start feeling more confident, you manage to take on unexpected challenges, and you also understand that failure is a path to learn new things.

Now, if you have fitness as one of your New Year’s Resolutions, go for a trial at your neighbourhood gym or if you are a fan of comedy, push yourself to go for improv! Or, tell us what you always wanted to do but haven’t yet in the comments below.

Let’s aim to make 2019 Better Together!

Also, we at HKYantoYan would love for you all to share your resolutions in the comments below for more inspiration!


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