Mumbai Monorail makes it’s debut.

By on July 22, 2013

The Mumbai Monorail made it’s first run between Wadala and Chembur on Sunday, 21st July. This was the first time that common passengers were allowed on the monorail for a run and not just employees. The journey which was just a short distance from 9km took around 16 minutes. The top speed of the monorail is 85kmph, however, with the slowing down time approaching and leaving a station, the average speed will be around 30kmph mark. The tickets are to be priced between Indian INR8 – INR20.

Mumbai Monorail

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) said once the Mumbai monorail project is complete, the 19.5 km monorail route will become the second longest monorail route in the world after the Osaka’s monorail corridor. The plans for further extensions of Mumbai monorail have been put on hold by he MMRDA until the Chembur – Jacob’s circle line is fully operational.

Mumbai Monorail Plan

The cost of making the monorail operational is  2700 crore rupees, around US$ 470 Million. The construction on the Mumbai monorail started in early 2009 and the monorail is expected to go fully operation in August 2013.

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