Don’t go by the dark tone of the Movie – Hangover 2, which was shot partially at the Lebua Tower Club in Bangkok (breakfast scene on the terrace with the helicopter)- it’s far from it.

The celebrated French fashion designer Coco Chanel had once said “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury“. The Lebua Tower Club in Bangkok, is the perfect manifestation of this annotation. Comfort is replete at every corner and design of this five-star hotel located where the Charoen Krung and Silom Roads meet, a short walk from the Chao Phraya River.

Hotel Exterior_5

In a city overflowing with luxury hotels, the Tower Club at Lebua stands out with distinction right from the moment you check-in. You don’t need to wait your turn at the hotel reception desk. You plop yourself on the plush hotel lobby and the hotel personnel takes you through your reservation. This speaks volumes about how the hotel approaches the idea of hospitality—they start at the basics—comfort.

Lobby Entrance

Then comes the luxurious suites — the City View suites, River View suites, Signature suites, and even ‘Hangover‘ suites (that’s where the cast of the movie Hangover 2 had created havoc). We stayed in the River View suite at the 54th floor with our family. A river view couldn’t have been more refined than this, the perfect sojourn for our 4-day stay at the Tower Club. Needless to say, the rooms were spick and span, and picture-perfect as expected of the Lebua brand. We particularly loved the kitchenette in our suite that added a cozy touch to the suite design — to be able to make our own coffee felt like our home was transported into a beautiful milieu overnight. It was a wonderful suite for families, and could be great for couples too.

Balcony with Riverview
Riverview Suite
3-BR Hangover Suite, Tower Club at lebua
Hangover Suite, Tower Club Lebua

The staff at the Lebua Tower Club were extremely friendly and warm — Thai hospitality at its best. Always eager to help and ensure that the guests get the best of comfort and luxury, they maintained such a pleasant demeanor that it seemed like an impeccable orchestra.

Swimming Pool-2

A wonderful gastronomic delight awaited us on the second day of our stay— lunch at the hotel’s Sirocco restaurant on the 63rd floor. With a score of perfect 10, Sirocco is the world’s highest alfresco restaurant with a bar (the Sky Bar) hanging on a precipice 820 feet above the city. The breathtaking city view enchanted us just as much as the slow-cooked breast of French Moulard Duck in an orange sauce with poached egg and asparagus did. We couldn’t resist their sinful desserts either! In fact, we went back for dinner as well. This time, we had a few cocktails at the Sky Bar— it truly felt like being on the top of the world. No metaphor this, you would actually experience this thrill once you are standing 820 feet above the city, sipping your favourite cocktail and looking down at the city lights. Both the daytime and night-time views are a fascinating takeway from the Sirocco bar.

Sky Bar_2
Sky Bar

Completely pampered by the luxury of food and stay, we retired to our suite. We were, however, shortly  woken by the merrymaking at a Hangover suite nearby. More than being disturbed, we were somewhat amused and nostalgic about our bachelor days (which were just a few years ago!). We silently appreciated the hotel’s thoughtfulness in having created such a interesting suite for their guests, which is unusual, unique and fun.


It is no wonder that the minds behind the Lebua Tower Club hospitality have put in their best efforts in designing a brand that offers every comfort to its  — from the suites, massage rooms to the dining choices, fitness and the business center. Often ruled out for its steep prices, the Tower Club experience is worth every bit of what you spend. From the moment you step in to the time you check out, it is a perfect symphony of luxury and comfort, served in a platter of visual, tactile and culinary extravaganza.

Tower Club at lebua1055 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500| Tel: +66 2 624 9999


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