Revel Events is the passion of its founders Rani Moriani and Harry Moriani whose love for art, music and entertainment extended into a full fledged business. It is an event management company based in Hong Kong, which has brought us events like the recent Salman Khan show in HK – Dabangg Tour.

Revel Events is the only company within the Indian community in Hong Kong to have managed destination weddings and to also offer a complete package to plan an entire event in HK and abroad. Apart from weddings, over the years Rani and Harry have put on some great Bollywood Parties and entertainment events for numerous associations. asked Rani and Harry Moriani about Revel Events and it’s journey so far.

rani Harry Moriani Indian Community in Hong Kong

HKYantoYan: How and when was Revel Events conceptualized?

Rani: Back in 2003, Harry started with being a DJ and I started with being a backstage assistant for the India Association Diwali ball. Over the years we took on the responsibility of the ball’s full production, decor and logistics, and gained experience in every aspect. I had a day job and Harry has his exports business and events was our side business. We started freelancing with small events and went on to do big corporate events, eventually we did a few destination weddings before officially registering Revel Events in 2013.

Harry is the backbone of the company. It was with his encouragement that I finally decided to start Revel Events. The name was also was picked by him – when he explained the meaning, I knew this is it! Revel means to celebrate and the weddings we managed made me realize I love doing this. I’m currently completing my degree in Event management!

HKYantoYan: Who has been your inspiration?

Harry : Shah Rukh Khan for his business acumen and a never say die attitude!

Rani : Our Guru Ishan Shivanand who instills practicality fused with humour and who teaches us to stand still like a mountain and flow like a river. And yes of course, we love SRK too!

Shahrukh Khan Guru Ishan Shivanand Revel Events Indians in Hong Kong

HKYantoYan: What was the most challenging event/project you worked on? Any good or bad experiences?

Rani: Definitely Dabangg Concert hands down! For the Dabangg show, we were worried about the weather, the gods were with us on that day. We couldn’t have asked for anything better than that. It was just surreal! It still feels very surreal sometimes. Everything went on as planned and everything was on time.

Harry : There are no good or bad experiences just learning experiences. We learn from it all.

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HKYantoYan:  What was the most complex/hardest demand from a client which you met with?

Rani : When we were asked to complete Dabangg in 4 months flat, start to finish!

It’s always nice when we’re able to overcome a complex scenario and it’s acknowledged by the client. I’ve had few clients who have always given me more than the fees we have asked. One client paid me double for doing their wedding in 2 and a half months in Bangkok instead of Hong Kong, another one gifted me a diamond ring as a thank you. One uncle paid me 50% more than the fees I asked. It’s their way of showing appreciation for going above and beyond.

Revel Events HKYantoYan

HKYantoYan: What are some points people should consider before hiring an events company for their event?

Rani: They should check if the company is reliable and if they have the required expertise to guide you through the whole process.

Harry: Most importantly, if it’s a personal event- do they feel comfortable dealing with the people for the next couple of months? An open communication will help both sides bring out the best for their event.

HKYantoYan: What are some challenges you see in the events management industry?

Rani: One of the biggest challenge is when clients come to you for an event and you then discuss your ideas for their events. You try to convince them to trust in you and your services. But then, sometimes they take your ideas and opt for the knock off versions.

HKYantoYan: What is in store for Revel Events in the near Future? Any more events like Da-Bang Tour on the calendar?

Rani : Well, you guys at HKYantoYan are always the first ones to know about all our events. Watch out for this space to know more about our upcoming events!

To know more about Revel Events or to get in touch with Rani or Harry Moriani – contact them at wants you to tell us who we should interview next? Let us know in the comments section below, or email us at



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