Social media has taken over the world by a storm whether it is used to motivate us in the path to success or whether it is used to lead us to an unfound secret hole to inspiration.

Since I usually try my best to stay on top of fashion blogs Instagram, there have been a few Influential Indian Fashion bloggers that have caught my eye. These exalting figures have started from scratch and worked their way towards contributing to trends in fashion today adding a dollop of their own style to it. Here is a list of my top 5 Indian Fashion Instagrammers that you should be following, if you don’t already!


1.         Heena Somani

Heena Somani

With a passion for fashion, Heena is now an image consultant in Ahmedabad, Gurajat. Heena utilizes her Instagram to encourage fashion lovers by bringing them together using put-together looks with an eye for detail on each accessory. Her page has a mix of reassuring quotes that always light up your day. Heena has a bold and daring approach to fashion. Polka dots, bright yellow and a hint of class all put together? Surely, that spells success.

Influential Indian Fashion Instagrammers HKYantoYan


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