Just like everywhere in the world, even Hong Kong has its share of small, but enterprising businesses helmed by Indians living here. Be it fashion, food, jewellery or education, they are charting our own trailblazing paths in each area. Being the co-founder of Hidden Truffles, I have been able to meet some wonderful individuals, who dared to have a non-conventional vision, were ready to face the risks involved, put their ideas into practice and are very successful in their own rights today.

Here, I have shared these inspiring stories of five female Indian entrepreneurs in Hong Kong.

Seema Bhatia, Founder, From Africa to Asia and Pranayum

From Africa to Asia

As long as she can remember, Seema has always been passionate about cooking. Her life’s journey, which spans across various countries in Africa and Asia, has had a huge influence on her cooking and what she is today. In Hong Kong, she founded ‘From Africa to Asia’ a mobile private-kitchen where you can experience the luxury of fine dining in the comfort of your own home. As the name suggests, the meals whipped up by Seema are an amalgamation of her journey—her dishes tell us the story of East Africa, covers Arabic spices, Portuguese marinades, Indian curries, African slow-cooking techniques. They are an absolute heaven on a plate (personal vouch there!). She also has her own line of homemade chutneys, spice blends and has recently launched a new brand of holistic food and drinks called Pranayum.

To know more about From Africa to Asia – https://hiddentruffles.com/fromafricatoasia/

Shikha S Lamba, Founder, Shikha S Lamba Designs

Shikha S Lamba

Hailing from a family of 23 lawyers, it was nothing short of a miracle that Shikha decided to branch out and pursue her love for jewellery designing! She has always loved the arts and the creative aspect in things.  On a family member’s advice, she decided to study jewellery design and gemology. In Hong Kong, she founded Shikha S Lamba Designs, through which she lovingly creates exquisitely crafted timeless pieces. Her passion for design is reflected in each and every piece. The stunning colours and elegant styles are guaranteed to brighten any outfit!

 To know more about Shikha S Lamba Designs- https://hiddentruffles.com/shikhaslamba/

Anuja Agarwal Chandgotia, Founder, Pinnacle Learning Centre

Pinnacle Learning Centre

From Equity Markets to entrepreneur, Anuja’s journey is an inspiring one. A qualified CFA and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Anuja started her career in banking as a trader in one of the most reputed Investment Banks in the world. However, after the birth of her children, she started to feel that in today’s world, though children have a lot of access to resources and privileges, they are slowly losing out on the value of money. It was then that she decided to start ‘Pinnacle Learning Centre’. Through the centre, she conducts the Money Magic Workshop, which is a big hit among parents and children. The workshops are designed using educational themes and interactive money games to teach them the concept of money, savings, spending, charity and budgeting.

To know more about Pinnacle Learning Centre- https://hiddentruffles.com/pinnaclelearning/

 Ramapriya Rajagopalan, Founder, Yas Designs

Yas Designs

Meet the ‘Passionate Perfectionist’. Ramapriya, the founder of Yas Designs, is passionate about learning new things and teaching them as well. She is a digital arts trainer with a vast experience in both digital and traditional visual arts and crafts. She has her Masters in Computer Applications and is an Adobe Education Trainer, certified by Adobe to infuse digital creativity in classrooms. Her workshops are a holistic combination of creativity and innovation. You can learn how to make digital scrapbooks, posters, cards, themed party decorations, wall art designs, etc. There is no age bracket—Ramapriya loves teaching everyone, be it school children, homemakers or anyone interested in keeping up with technology! Her workshops are a fantastic tool to encourage creativity amongst children and can even help them in their schoolwork.

To know more about Yas Designs- https://hiddentruffles.com/yasdesigns/

 Asmita Bharadwaj Das, Founder, Artreasure


In Asmita’s words “I dabbled into everything (some out of interest and some pure parental pressure) until I found my calling” and what a calling it was! After completing her Masters in 2008, Asmita joined the Taj Group (renowned for its service to community) where she was given the opportunity to explore her philanthropic side.  In Hong Kong, she founded Artreasure which offers art connoisseurs the chance to appreciate and collect ethnic paintings made by local artisans of Odisha (India) who follow age-old traditions and techniques to create their masterpieces. Artreasure embodies the term ‘art with a social conscience’. It is a not-for-profit enterprise striving to conserve these ancient art forms and making a direct, tangible difference to the lives of the artisans who create them.

To know more about Artreasure- https://hiddentruffles.com/artreasure/


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