Deepak Madnani | Founder of Paperclip

Deepak Madnani

Serial entrepreneur and self proclaimed ‘Failure Specialist’, Deepak, is the Founder of Paperclip, a Startup Campus. Here startups and entrepreneurs collaborate and learn best practices to accelerate new venture development by using the Lean Startup methodology and Business Model Canvas tools; methods commonly used in the best accelerators today.

Deepak currently helps companies in Hong Kong and China with their supply chain management, design and manufacturing of furniture, as well as acting as a mentor to startups, and conducting innovative business model sessions for both corporations and angel investors alike.

About Paperclip.

Paperclip is Hong Kong’s first dedicated startup campus which uniquely combines a Startup Academy with Co­work Space. Paperclip’s mission is to raise Hong Kong’s startup standards.

The academy focuses on the Lean Startup methodologies and Business Model Canvas tools.

The beautifully designed, 5000 square feet space is located in Sheung Wan, the ‘new Central’ for startups, and is equipped with office, cowork, meeting, classroom and event space.

Overcoming the Challenges.

Lots, and I’m still facing challenges! The great thing about Hong Kong is that it’s competitive, and this pushes me to continuously learn and improve in order to build a sustainable business that can grow. I’ve also had to search globally for the best startup curriculum available to help accelerate new ventures. That search took me to the US, where I trained with some of the best to bring the Lean Startup process and Business Model Canvas tools to Hong Kong.

Future Plans.

Go global. India and China are on the map. Paperclip is the ‘Starbucks of Entrepreneurship’.

Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Just start. Don’t overthink. The journey is important. Failure is okay, as long as you learn, iterate and move forward. There is no learning in immediate success.


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