Saral Kochar | CEO and Cofounder, Techpacker

Saral Kochar

A graduate from London College of Fashion with a degree in Product Design Development, Saral has worked as Product Development Manager at American Eagle Outfitters, Li & Fung; and more recently headed a successful denim trading company, Indigod.

Saral lives on a boat, walks to work, meditates and enjoys hiking.

About Techpacker.

Techpacker is an ambitious fashion tech startup born out of the need for an affordable and convenient product life cycle management (PLM) software for designers and factories. It’s both a free and paid ­subscription cloud­-based service for small and medium companies, that anyone can get started with in a few minutes.

Techpacker makes processes more visual, organized, collaborative and open­-sourced, resulting in a 50% reduction in time-to-market and minimizing sample windows.

With help from a startup program, supported by the Hong Kong Government at the Cyberport technology park, the beta version 0.2 was launched in May. Currently, it is used by 500 brands around the world with thousands of fashion styles developed in collaboration with factories.

Overcoming the Challenges.

In a startup, it is important to keep partners and employees passionate about the shared vision, and constantly working towards common goals. Also, innovation is key for us to stay ahead of the competition and add depth to our product. For growth and expansion, we are presently working on funding.

We may have yet to overcome these three major challenges, but I have learnt to be stubborn and slowly work toward the solutions. I believe with time we can overcome these challenges.

Future Plans.

To make Techpacker the TOP resource for the fashion industry.

Tips for New Entrepreneurs.

1. Work from 9 to 5 (maybe 6 in Hong Kong) and stop there. Nothing is more important than yourself, your family, your pets and a happy girlfriend.

2. Find someone that inspires you the most and speak to or listen to them every day. I look to the Bhagavad Gita for inspiration.

3. Keep trying and testing. Out of a hundred tests, one will work; then simply ride on it to succeed. This is valid at both the micro and macro level.

4. Many times you will feel like things have suddenly come to a standstill. Usually those times are the calm before the storm; so prepare for the storm.


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