Pushpendra Sharma | MD, Mantraa Ventures Pte. Ltd. & Founder, SpacesGenie.com


Pushpendra who received his Master’s Degree from Columbia University in New York, was also the first Indian to be elected President of his class at Columbia. He is a published author and enjoys writing about entrepreneurship, retail brands and franchising.

He enjoys playing cricket for the Hong Kong Cricket Club (HKCC) and writes about cricket for HKCC’s magazine Pinkun. Currently, he is teaching Year 5 students at the International College of Hong Kong about entrepreneurship through his ‘Pop Up Entrepreneurs’ initiative.

Pushpendra is also the founder of SpacesGenie.com, Asia’s first online marketplace for pop-up brands. SpacesGenie is an AirBnB equivalent for retail; it connects brands, concepts, ideas etc. to unique commercial space on a short-term basis.

About Mantraa Ventures.

Mantraa Ventures is a business consultancy and technology firm that advises tech startups, companies and brands on fundraising, market entry and franchising. Since its inception in 2012, Mantraa Ventures has worked with various companies and startups in Asia, US, Europe and Australia.

Overcoming the Challenges.

​Struggle is part and parcel of being an entrepreneur. Building a business and keeping it relevant is a never-ending process. Thus, to have the support of friends and family is crucial. Launching a business in Singapore where I wasn’t from was a challenge, but I had a supportive client who believed in me and was ready to hire me. He played a vital role in my entrepreneurial journey.

To overcome challenges, one needs to have a positive approach and be ready to embrace change. There have been several challenges that I have had to deal with: finding clients (and more importantly, clients that see your worth), identifying ways to add value for your clients so they keep coming back, diversifying the business, selecting suitable business partners, and continuously staying relevant; all this while raising two kids and maintaining a healthy marriage.

As an extension of my business plans, I spent time learning about the online pop-­up marketplace model, which I am excited to launch through SpacesGenie.com very soon.

Future Plans.

We shifted to Hong Kong in January 2014 to expand my business, with a vision to launch my new venture SpacesGenie.com. I am now looking to build a team and grow this venture organically. It is also a part of my vision to create value for my clients with this strategic diversification of Mantraa Ventures. It has been an exciting journey through new initiatives, collaborations and partnerships.

Tips for New Entrepreneurs.

Work Hard. Be Humble. Stay Positive. Love your Family.


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