Mukesh Bubna | Founder of Monexo

Mukesh Bubna

With 20 years of consumer banking experience behind him, Mukesh has worked in India, Singapore and Hong Kong with Citibank, leading diverse regional teams in his role as Regional Director for Product & Marketing. In his last role, he was Business Head for the Western Union Financial Inclusion Program for Asia.

Mukesh enjoys outdoor activities, traveling and photography. Over the weekend, you can catch him dragon-boating or on a hiking trail. In January last year, he ran the 50 km Hong Kong Trail from The Peak to Big Wave Beach. The run subsequently encouraged him to take up running as a sport.

About Monexo.

Monexo is an online peer-­to­-peer (P2P) lending marketplace in Hong Kong which brings borrowers and lenders together.

Overcoming the Challenges.

​As an entrepreneur,­ the buck stops with you. You have to deal with everything from strategy to daily execution with limited resources,­ time and money. Thus, building a good team is very critical.

Hong Kong is short on talent, and the good ones are very expensive. We dealt with this by outsourcing and offshoring to achieve quality and speed.

Future Plans.

We plan to expand into Asia, specifically South East Asian markets, in the next 3 years.

Tips for New Entrepreneurs.

Do one thing and do it best in the world.


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