Waxing and threading are no doubt one of the most quickest and effective hair removal methods that have made many of our lives hassle free without pinching your pockets too hard. In Hong Kong, there are many Indian Salons or traditionally also known as Beauty Parlours which are all conveniently located all around the city.

To make life slightly simpler, Team HKYantoYan compiled a list of our favourite Top Five Indian Beauty Parlours in Hong Kong.

1. Look’s Beauty Parlour – Hung Hom

Look Salon

Despite it being a relatively new venture among the Indian Salon space, Looks Beauty Parlour comes in first place. It has quickly become one of our favourite places not only because of its excellent price point and customer service but also because they are the only salon in Hong Kong to offer home services!

Looks Beauty Parlour | 22 San Lau Street, Near Hung Hom Post Office, Hong Kong | Tel: 64251190 / 21274409 


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