Are you looking to join and network with aspiring entrepreneurs in Hong Kong?

The IndiaTech HK is a community platform for engaging Investors and Indian startups for Hong Kong and India. It is a great way to connect and network with people who have some major interest in Indian tech scene, including the Indian diaspora in the region, and want to take part as entrepreneurs or investors.

Image Courtesy: Sai Sudha from the launch event of IndiaTech HK

The main goal is to:

• Engage Community and build awareness of Indian Startup Ecosystem
• Create a a bridge between India, Hong Kong and the Greater Bay area.
• Enable investments in the sector
• And importantly provide support for Indian start-up entrepreneurs

As the network grows, the initiative has further plans to strengthen and support the Indian Start-up eco-system by being the hub in Hong Kong. The initiative is the brainchild of six individuals based in Hong Kong. The team includes Musheer Ahmed, Sai Sudha, Yosha Gupta, Renu Bhatia, Pritish Sanyal and Chandan Gupta who are all deeply involved and passionate about Indian start-ups and providing them a better eco system.

To know more and to join the community, you can visit or like them on their IndiaTech HK’s Facebook page.


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