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By on April 3, 2013

I still remember the date clearly; it was on 24th May, 2011. PO KOK PRIMARY school had organized a trip with around 20 South Asian mothers and our first destination was HOPE Centre.

Christmas Party HOPE

Christmas Party

Initially, each of us were led into a meeting room, wherein the staff introduced themselves and talked about the services offered by the centre. After an hour’s long discussion about their various services I  enrolled myself in an indoor activity for kids; as the father’s day was approaching, the centre had organized an activity named as ‘Make your own gift for your daddy”.

Reflecting back on my experience with the HOPE centre, I will surely rate it highly as the centre occasionally holds different kinds of FREE events catering to different age groups. For example, for ladies there are henna classes, cookery classes etc whereas for children there are shows of street theater  T-shirt design class and various other interest activities. There are also seminars on money management and job fairs which I have not yet been a part of because of my kids priorities.

Then came Christmas time and needless to say, HOPE centre had also organized a great party. They arranged for over 50 dishes to fill your palette and more than 150 people from seven different ethnicities with a surprise of Santa Claus giving away gifts to everyone. They also organized voluntary activities to support few NGO’S, in which the members are also roped in to use their expertise. I have also happily contributed in one such event making me feel proud having done something for the society I am living in.

Card painting at HOPE

Card painting at HOPE

Till date, I still visit the centre often to keep myself updated with the happenings at the centre. Here I came across people with their own set of problems and difficulties, which was a very different experience for me. I now started looking at life from a very different perspective. Meeting people from varied backgrounds makes one aware of the uncommon and unexplainable situations that happen around you, however with mutual support group meetings I got a chance to intermingle with other ethnicities and also got to know their cultures and life in Hong Kong.

In the end, all I have to say is that HOPE centre surely has a lot in store for every ethnic minority living in Hong Kong and will escalate higher in the coming years….Just visit once and you will become a part of their family!

Visit HOPE centre’s website here, and their Facebook page here.

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Tanya Singh

Tanya is a happy mother of two daughters who hails from New Delhi. She has been staying in Hong Kong for three years. After completing her studies, she went on to the print media handling various projects with big brands and worked in close coordination with the electronic media as well. Her experience with Hong Kong has been quite varied, when she moved in she faced many problems intermingling with the locals of Hong Kong. Language being a big barrier, but then these teething problems are always there in any new beginning….She is very much still exploring it!

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