Being absolutely paranoid about my hair and the constant trouble of dealing with Hong Kong’s humidity, I knew I was up for something special when I decided to visit Hollywood Hair in Central. No doubt it’s always a little daunting to leave the fate of your hair in the hands of a new stylist and salon but then you never know until you give it a try!

The Salon


Hollywood Hair, previously home to The Philip George Salon is located conveniently on Duddell Street in Central. The previous owner retired and handed over the premises on to Rennie Fensham, the diva behind Hollywood Hair.

The Stylists

Hollywood Hair Team

Ever heard of a fabulous mother-daughter team? Well, you have one right here at Hollywood Hair, where you will find Rennie working very closely with her daughter Yentyl Snyman. Working along with them are Lorena Severi and Herbert Wu, both of whom worked previously with Philip George.

Our mantra is  – dare to be -“, says Rennie. “Above almost anything else, your hairstyle says so much about who you are and while people may wish for a certain ‘look’, it’s about trust that your hairstylist can get it right for you..” In simple terms, your wish is Rennie’s command. All you have to do is explain what you need and Rennie and her team will ensure that you have that perfect hairdo keeping your requests in mind.

The Consultation + Treatment

We started off by spending a few minutes with Rennie asking me questions about my preferences; making sure to clarify everything before we started off. As she worked on my hair, we had a nice conversation about my days back in Bombay, how hectic Hong Kong can get, to how despicable the humidity can get in this city and ruin a day! You know you’re in safe hands when the stylist is not only extremely talented and capable of what they are doing but also friendly and personable.

Rennie then suggested that we restore my natural black hair colour. This was because the previous hair colour was fading off and needed to be completely removed with the “wash off” treatment.  After the treatment, I mentioned to Rennie that I was keen on growing my hair long. Also that I needed a very different yet manageable haircut, which would add some volume to my dull and lifeless hair.

The Final Results

Hollywood Hair

After a fabulous haircut and a volume enhancing treatment with hot velcro rollers, here are the final results! I was literally speechless with the new hairstyle and I remember asking Rennie, “How do I have such thick and lustrous hair?” To which Rennie replied, “you are blessed with great hair like most Indians and Asians and all you need is a good and manageable haircut to make it stand out!

Now, if you are looking for an extremely good quality haircut or any other hair treatments in Central, I would highly recommend you drop by Hollywood Hair. In addition to its professional team of skilled hair stylists and its pleasant atmosphere, Hollywood Hair also offers reasonable prices compared to many other hair salons in Central.

For more on their services and prices,  visit Hollywood Hair’s Price List and their Facebook Fanpage .

A big Thank You to Rennie, Yentyl and the entire Team of Hollywood Hair!

Hollywood Hair | 23/F No 1 Duddell Street, Central District, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 2861 9830


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