HKYantoYan catches up with stand-up comedian and actor Karthik Kumar, about his upcoming show, Second Decoction – live in Hong Kong on Thursday, 15th June 2017. The show is being brought to by Madrascals Productions, founded by Sai Sudha is Hong Kong’s latest production house that aims to bring the coolest entertainment to you by local and international talents. They have many exciting plans to unravel in Hong Kong this year.

Karthik Kumar

HKYantoYan: Tell us about your journey and background?

Karthik Kumar: : My journey as a Stand-up Comic began when I turned 32, and was looking to go autobiographical with my creations as a Theatre artist, and then the breaking the 4th wall was an obvious exciting option. That began as that became discovering Stand-up Comedy as an Art form for my part of the world, and learning by failing and ultimately finding an Art that soothed by soul. My background has been as a Theatre and Cinema artist and Arts Entrepreneur. Founded Evam in 2003 which is India’s largest self-funded Theatre Arts Entrepreneurship.

The need to express myself and the crack the challenge that I didn’t think I could be funny – I was unable to laugh at myself enough! What started as a dare to surprise myself became a Career eventually..

HKYY: What can we expect out of the show – Second Decoction?

KK: An immersion into the middle-class mentality of India – because whether we become upper middle or lower middle class, the middle class is a mentality that we will always be an Alumni of. Second Decoction is a metaphor for settling for Second best ????

HKYY: Who are some of your favorite comedians?

KK: Some of the Indian comedians would be Zakir Khan, Sorabh Pant and Biswa and International comedian, Eddie Izzard.

HKYY: What are your plans after Second Decoction? What can your fans expect.

KK: Blood Chutney releases in September 2017 and goes on World tour thereafter – I wrote this show at a period in my life that was the most stressful and chaotic and almost tragic – and I was unable to find anything funny in life. But if I didn’t find the ability to make my own tragedy (blood) into comedy (chutney) then what was the purpose of this gift of Comedy!

Catch Indian comedian Karthik Kumar live in Hong Kong for one show only on Thursday, 15th June 2017. Tickets can be purchased online on Urbtix. Link: (press the red shopping cart icon)


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