Most of the people associate India as a religious country with ample number of Gods and Goddesses to worship. Along with that it is also known for all things unique and weird!

So, we at HKYantoYan wondered, why not pick a topic which would base the combination of these two categories and that lead us to – Top 10 Unique Temples In India. At first, we wondered if we would get something that would really blow your minds off but, by the end of it we were assured this correlation will be worth your while.

1. Chinese Kali Temple, Kolkata



The main reason behind the uniqueness of this Kali Goddess temple is that it is managed by the Chinese. It is located in Tangra, the Chinatown of Kolkata, where most of the migrated Chinese have been living for years now. All of them being true devotees of Maa Kali, the traditional prasad offerings in this particular shrine are fried rice, noodles and chopsuey.

Chinese Kali Temple | Matheswartala Road, Tangra, Kolkata, West Bengal 700046.

2. Kal Bhairav Nath Temple, Varanasi

Kal Bhairav NathvTemple- Top 10 Unique Temples In India


Kal Bhairav Nath Temple is one of the most unique temples in India for 2 reasons, namely – The offering to god is not sweets nor fruits or food, but Alcohol. And, the alcohol that you offer is gulped down by this deity with absolutely no outlet. Situated in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh; a prominent Hindu religious destination.

Kal Bhairav Nath Temple | k37/124, Golghar, Bazardiha, Maheshpur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002.

3. Om Banna / Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan

Om Banna Temple -Top 10 Unique Temples In India


Back in the year 1991, Om Singh Rathore aka Om Banna, the son of a village leader lost control and banged his motorcycle into a tree. This incident ended with Om Banna dying on the spot and his motorcycle falling into a ditch. Later the local police seized the 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet only to recover it at the same place the next day. The police repeated the procedure again and made sure to chain it yet, the next day the bike was found in the pit. Noticing the same procedure countless times, the local people appraised this as a miracle and started worshiping the Bike. Converted into a temple, today, everyone who passes by stops to bows down to the motorcycle and the owner of it for blessings of a safe travel.

Om Banna Temple | Opp Rajputana Hotel, National Highway 62, Om Banna, Rajasthan 306421.

4. Visa Temple, Hyderabad

 Visa Temple- Top 10Unique Temples In India


The Chilkur Balaji Temple is one of the oldest temples in Telengana. Situated on the banks of the Osman Sagar, Hyderabad, it has come to fame in the past years with the name of “Visa Temple”. The story behind it is dated back to the 1980s when, a troop of software engineering students stated that they received their US visas after visiting this temple. Hence, visited by most before their Visa interview, this temple does not accept any offerings in cash. Once your wish is fulfilled, you’ve just got to take 108 rounds of this powerful sanctuary.

Visa Temple | Chilkur Balaji Temple Rd, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500075.

5. Dog Temple, Channapatna

Dog Temple-Top 10 Unique Temples In India

Source: Naukri Nama

In the “Town of Toys” aka Channapata, there is a small village Agrahara Valagerehalli where you will get to visit the Dog Temple. It was built only 8 years ago in 2010 by a wealthy business man named Ramesh. The story to it – Once upon a time, two dogs from this village suddenly disappeared and a few days later, someone had the village goddess appear in their dream. And she asked them to make a temple of the missing dogs for the protection of the village. The people of the village now believe that the dogs constantly look out for them!

Dog Temple | Agrahara Valagerehalli Village, Channapatna, Karnataka.

6. Bharat Mata Temple, Varanasi

Bharat Mata Temple-Top 10 Unique Temples In India


The Bharat Mata Mandir (Mother India Temple) is laid in Varanasi on the Mahatma Gandhi Vidyapith campus. If India can have a dog temple, the why leave Bharat Mata behind right? The temple is made of stone with Mata’s statue built from marble. It also has the map constructed of marble that depicts scaled mountains, plains and oceans of undivided India.

Bharat Mata Temple | Vidyapeeth Road, Cannt Road, Lalapura, Chanuwasatti, Chandua Chittupur, Guru Nanak Nagar Colony, Chetganj, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001.

7. Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple, Gujrat


Source: YouTube

This temple had to hold a place in the list of HKYantoYan’s 10 most unique temples in India considering the fact of its disappearance. Well, only during the high tides. Located in Gujrat, this temple is open for visitors only during the early hours of the day. As the tide gradually rises, people just wait around to catch of the sight of an entire structure being submerged into the water.  Built around 40 miles away from Vadodara in the Arabian Sea, Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is famously known as the disappearing temple.

Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple | Kavi-Kamboi, Jambusar, Gujarat 392180.

8. Galta Ji Temple, Jaipur

Galtaji Temple- Top 10 unique temples in India 

Source: YouTube

The inhabitants of the temple premises makes the Galta Ji Temple so unusual. Relax, the inhabitants aren’t aliens. In fact, they are monkeys specifically of the rhesus macaque and langur breed. Hence, famed as the “Monkey Temple”. Attracting large amount of tourists ever year, this pilgrimage  10km from the east of Jaipur.

Galta Ji Temple | Galta Ji, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302027.

9. Maa Jwala Ji Temple, Himachal Pradesh

Jwala Ji Temple- Top 10 unique temples in India

Source: Facebook

Found in the Jawalaukhi town of Himachal Pradesh, The Maa Jwala Ji Temple takes the visitors by surprise. The legends state that Sati Mata’s burning tongue fell on this very spot when her body was divided into 51 parts. And ever since, the fire has never gone off. Being mentioned in the Mahabharata scriptures as well, this temple also happens to be one of the most ancient ones.

Maa Jwala Ji Temple | Jawala Ji Temple Road, Jawalamukhi, Himachal Pradesh 176031.

10. Brahma Temple, Pushkar

Brahma-Temple- Top 10 unique temples in India

Source: YouTube

Under the rule of Aurangzeb, most of the Hindu temples that existed in Pushkar were destroyed. But, the Bhrahma Temple still stands put. Made of marble, the walls of the temple are embedded with coins of silver that state the names of the donors.

Brahma Temple |  Brahma Temple Rd, Ganahera, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022.

So, this was HKYantoYan’s take on the Top 10 Unique Temples in India.

Have you ever visited any of these unique temples in India? OR Have you visited a one that we haven’t mentioned?
Then, please feel free to share you experiences in the comments section below 😀



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