With the world budding with applications that are based solely on photographs, people have found various platforms to share their precious moments with the world. Hence, the need for photographers by the commoners on a regular base has been more than ever.

And understanding the desirable need to capture moments that can only be relieved through photographs, we at HKYantoYan.com find joy in introducing you to The Remarkable Photographers in Hong Kong: 

Ali G

Clicked by Ali G - Photographers In Hong Kong
Clicked by Ali G

Here we have one of the professional wedding, VIP and celebrity photographers in Hong Kong. Mr. Ali G makes a whole lot of a difference with his added blogs which is of great help to everyone, especially the soon to be couples! Due to great support from mentors and intense hard work, he was also invited to judge the 2014 Egypt International Photo Contest. Ali’s work reflects every ounce of his love for photography which started at the age of 16 when his uncle gifted him a 35mm camera for his birthday!

Ali G | Contact: aligstudios.com 

Chandni Chotrani

Clicked by Chandni Chotrani - Photographers In Hong Kong
Clicked by Chandni Chotrani

Chotrani has recently rebranded and expanded with the name of Light Jar Photography. While shooting, she always makes sure to provide you with a positive and fun experience. Offering a range of services like documenting private events and taking portraits to product photography and creative direction for your business, she successfully makes Light Jar a one-stop-shop. So, you know where you have to head to get lavishing photos for your brand.

Chandni Chotrani | Contact: lightjarphoto.com

Sakshi Verma

Clicked by Sakshi Verma - Photographers in Hong Kong
Clicked by Sakshi Verma

Verma started off as a photographer almost a decade ago and has completely given into this profession in the past 6+ years. Feeling all the feels while capturing the beauty of children and love within families, she went ahead and made her artistry forte. Sakshi has also been awarded the title ‘Favourite Family Photographer’ by Sassy Mama Hong Kong in 2014 and 2015. Opting for natural light surroundings, she manages to make each photographed moment of your maternity, babies, kids, and family worth its weight in gold.

Sakshi Verma | Contact: +852 6626 5525.

Saima H

Clicked by Saima H - Photographers in Hong Kong
Clicked by Saima H

Staying true to the fact that a moment once lived cannot be recreated but can only be captured, Sima and her camera give their 100%. Being a self-taught photographer, she is high on experiments. She also naturally and immediately connects with children which in turn helps her photograph flawless family jiffies. Moreover, spells with her are always filled with laughter. Now, if you want pictures that speak of a story, Sima should be your go-to girl 😉

Saima H | Contact: +852 9837 3491.


A photo captured by Shikha - Photographers In Hong Kong
Captured by Shikha

Shikha, a mother of two beautiful children, is one of the budding photographers in Hong Kong. Her being a dreamer, observer and wanderlust work perfectly well for her as a photographer. Currently, you will find her indulging in all sorts of projects like birthdays, get-togethers, festivals, families, foods, fashion, etcetera. Not missing out on a chance to put herself out there, Shikha is promising.

Shikha | Contact: +852 6254 6587.

Don’t you think it is time to treat your family and yourself to a lifetime of photographic memories?



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