HKYantoYan caught up with the super-mom and PR guru, Neelam Daswani who shares her views on how she manages her hectic work while managing life as a single mom!

Please tell us about your journey in PR, how you started off and why you’re so passionate about it?

Neelam Daswani: Before moving to Hong Kong, I worked in an advertising agency on the VW’s new Beetle account in Boston. I found a job as the Marketing Manager at Elite Concepts which then ran over 12 venues in Hong Kong. I loved the F&B scene and had once wanted to open my own lounge/restaurant hence loved every minute of my job.

It was a great 3 years and a lovely introduction to Hong Kong. I met so many interesting people, all the food media and learned so much about the in’s and out of the branding and restaurant world. I decided to challenge myself and work with more than just restaurants, hence left to start my own company Purebuzz.

How did life/career change once you had Tahir?

ND: Tahir came soon after I created Purebuzz. I had planned to rent an office space and hire a Chinese team but I decided to put those plans on hold as I had other variables to deal with.
I remember the morning I was leaving the Matilda, the nurse walked in whilst I was feeding my bundle, checking emails and I had a face mask on…she laughed and assured me I would take to “mommyhood fine” as I was already multitasking!

In short, I quickly learned to optimize all my time, as he fell into a predictable sleep schedule, I planned all my work meetings around his routine.

What is your absolute must do – to make sure you survive your day and maintain your sanity?

ND: I meditate 4 times a week. I tend to do it in the late afternoon, a 15-20 min session really helps with balancing me out. After meditating I know I am a better mother, calmer, more centered, clearer and so much more productive with work!!

Apart from my yoga or gym classes I find a need to power walk in nature twice a week, it helps clear my head and nourish my soul…the power of being in nature.


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