Gaggan Anand, as all foodies already know is the acclaimed chef and owner of the very successful restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok which has won numerous awards and is the only Indian restuarant to ever feature in the top 50 restaurants in the world.
Fan’s would also know that the restaurant will close on 2020, with Gaggan channeling all his energy in to a restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan which opens only on weekends!
A foodie, icon and rock fan, we at HKYantoYan caught up with the luminary himself to ask some rapid fire questions about his life as an iconic Indian chef and his roots.
Gaggan Anand
Chef Gaggan Anand Born in Kolkata to Punjabi parents, what was home food like?

Gaggan Anand: The very mix of Punjabi food and how home food is cooked by mom.

HKYY: It’s said that food in Punjab and Delhi is the best because Punjabi’s cook from the heart. Does the Punjabi gene play a part in your food?

GA: Yes it does. But it applies to any form of cooking. It all tastes better when you cook with your heart.

HKYY: What are some of the Indian dishes you crave from time to time?

GA: Dal Chawal and Choley.

HKYY: When you were working at Taj Group, what made you move to Bangkok?

GA: Destiny! I was just following my destiny.

HKYY: You have a tendency to move out of your comfort zone. When do you decide that it’s time to move forward as a chef and a businessman?

GA: One has to keep progressing and doing something new to keep making yourself better and better. And i think now its time to reboot myself and give myself another new challenge.

HKYY: Would you ever like to go back to India and perhaps work with budding chefs and F&B entrepreneurs?

GA: I keep travelling to India and I keep doing the pop up events. Opening a place there is not in the picture right now.

Chef Gaggan Anand Passionately Working
Chef Gaggan Anand Working Passionately
Source: The Hindu


HKYY: Do you have any favourite Indian city for food?

GA: Kolkata!

HKYY: Delhi food or Mumbai food?

GA: Delhi has its own specialities and so does Mumbai. Kebabs from Delhi, Vada Pav and Pao Bhaji from Mumbai and Puchka from Kolkata.

HKYY: Your favourite Hindi movie / actor?

GA: 3 Idiots / Amir khan

HKYY: Your favorite band?

GA: Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd

Other than wishing luck to Chef Gaggan Anand for his future inventions and explorations, we would also like to hear form you. So, do not forget to leave your question / feedback in the comments below.


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