HK Weekly Buzz brings you voices from Hong Kong every week. This week is time for our Valentines Day Special where we talk to Hong Kong’s five lovely couples who share what they did for Valentines Day last year. Happy Valentines Day from HKYantoYan’s HKWeekly Buzz.

 Rohit Paryani & Karishma Dalani

Valentine’s day to us is the celebration of love of any kind. This time last year, we spent the day 328 feet up in the air on the DHL Balloon with the spectacular view of Hong Kong side. We headed to Elements mall for some old school ice-skating fun. Since we both love to munch on pizzas and spaghetti we dined at Sorriso located at iSquare, for some authentic Italian cuisine and sipped on quality wine. But regardless of what day it is or what is planned, we believe that Valentine’s day gives us an opportunity to take time from our hectic lives and busy schedules, especially in Hong Kong, to spend valuable time with our loved ones“.

Sonali & Piyush Baid

Piyush is quite the romantic. He put my hopes down by telling me he is taking me to Starbucks on a coffee date but turns out he surprised me to a personalized perfume making session at Starbucks, where i got to create my own personalised perfume set with a name of my choice. That followed a dinner at a private kitchen restaurant in Hong Kong with a 12 course meal with customised dishes especially created for us. Post dinner we talked and chilled in a roof top dessert place in Central which was uner romantic. It didnt end there, knowing how much I love chocolates, Piyush surprised me with a box of my fav chocolates along with 2-3 box of goodies wrapped, ribboned and hidden under my pillow! That by far has been the best Valentines Day for me!

Shobha & Bhagwan Nihalani

Valentine’s is a special day when I make extra effort to let my special someone know that he is loved and appreciated. Last year, my husband, Bhagwan and I decided to keep the distracting smart phones at home and focus on face to face communication! We had dinner at a restaurant at the Peak. It was a beautiful night, and the lights of the city were on display. As we gazed at the view together, I felt like I was suspended in air, similar to the sensation of falling in love 🙂  Moments like those are cherished forever“.

Ravi & Sanam Budhrani

Actually both of us don’t believe much in Valentine’s Day. We feel showering love can be done everyday in our lives. Giving gifts, flowers are not particularly given on this day but can be on every other day too. As for last year, we just went to watch a movie together that was “Ek Main Aur Ek Tu” and we had a good time spending some quality time together which we were very content with. It’s all about loving one another“.

Dheeraj & Shikha Bhatia 

HK Weekly Buzz- Valentine Bhatia

Working in the Hospitality Industry, both of us don’t get time to celebrate Valentines Day. So whenever we get to spend any time together, we try to make the best for it. Last year we both were working till late night, making sure others had a memorable Valentines day. Once we both got back home, we opened up a nice bottle of red wine, and had some left over cake while watching Bollywood songs from the past.”


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