HK Indian man – Sheron Khemlani killed in USA

By on February 3, 2013

28 year old, Sheron Khemlani from Hong Kong was killed on Friday, 2nd February in West Covina, Los Angeles, USA. Him and his brother were heading back to their vehicle  in the middle of the parking lot after having lunch when they were attacked by the two suspects. Sheron was rushed to the hospital where he died later. The West Covina police department are investigating the incident. There are speculations that the victim was stabbed, however not much information has come out from the incident as yet.

The police will be looking at the security cameras of the various restaurants in the vicinity of the parking lot for more information. After the assault, the suspects robbed the two brothers and fled in a runaway car which was waiting for them. The motive of the assault so far looks like a robbery but the police cannot confirm anything until a thorough investigation is done.  Sheron Khemlani’s brother suffered from “non life threatening” injuries.

HKYantoYan team’s deepest and heartfelt condolences to the victims family and friends.

Sheron Khemlani

Scene of the crime. (Image courtesy: abclocal)

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