Homeopathy is practiced widely across the world. In Hong Kong, more and more people are turning towards it to cope with health problems arising from pollution and weather effects. Homeopathy is a very old system of medicine that stimulates the person’s inbuilt power (vital force) to bring the cure needed. Did you know that homeopathy goes beyond physical studies? It gives importance to mind and the spiritual being within human, animals and plants.

Dr. Rupal Anandpara at Vitality Center
Dr. Rupal Anandpara at Vitality Center

Dr Rupal Anandpara is Hong Kong’s leading homeopathy practitioner at Vitality center, Central. She has conducted many seminars and workshops on Homeopathy. She has created Homeopathic kits which are useful for minor health problems in daily life.


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I have been visiting Dr. Rupal since 2012. By the time when I first met Dr. Rupal, my health was so damaged by too much dosage of antibiotics, I felt my body was unable to recover from any illness. It was a miracle when Dr. Rupal’s prescription got me to recover really quickly and the illness that emerged because of weak immune system never happened again. Dr. Rupal is a very attentive doctor and I would highly recommend her to anybody who is looking for alternative treatments to health problems.

Belinda Chan
Public relations


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In June 2012, I used to fall down suddenly, unconscious and I visited all government Hospitals(admitted) & major private specialist doctors. The tests were conducted for about 6 months and could not get cured or find the cause.
Eventually, I thought to see a homeopathic doctor. Someone referred me to Dr.Rupal Anandpara. I had an hour and a half hour session with her. She gave some medicines and some tips on exercises. People say it takes time to recover with these medicines but to my surprise I felt better the very next day itself after taking the medicine. Immediately, I called the doctor and thanked her. I was fully recovered in just two to three months. Since I have met her, I live my life without any incidents.

Larry Nandwani
Proprietor (custom tailors)
Age- 66 years


Homeopathy Hong Kong

How can Homeopathy help us? It is a natural way of treating diseased persons?

Homeopathy’s one of the basic principal is “likes are treated by likes”. Substance which can produce illness can cure the same when given in diluted and potentised form. Saying that, there are thousands of substances from which medicines are prepared. Here comes the skill of homeopathy. The state of the patient’s body and mind are considered together when prescribing homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies are mild and gentle, easy to take, without side effects, prepared in diluted form, chosen after careful history taking (individualizing).

You should choose Homeopathy to: 

  • Improve immunity
  • Overcome allergies
  • Cure diseases related to stress
  • Helpful in pregnancy and for newborns
  • Useful for almost all illnesses
  • Great for injuries and post operative care
  • Useful for animals as well

Classical homeopathy goes for constitutional remedy especially in disease of long duration. Dr Rupal who is practicing homeopathy since 17 years is well known for getting to the constitution of a person. She discovers the most appropriate constitutional remedy by correlating modern sciences of immunology, embryology, physiology, genetics etc. with the basic principles of homeopathy.

Call Vitality Center for appointment booking at 25371118 or e-mail at ask@drrupal.hk or visit www.drrupal.hk for further information.


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