How Indian writer Durjoy Datta helps HKTB lure Indian Tourists

By on August 15, 2013

In a measure to invite more Indian tourists to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has indeed pulled off an marketing move unprecedented by any other country’s Tourism Board. The HKTB had recently roped in one of the latest and finest bestselling Indian authors, Durjoy Datta, to set his latest romantic novel, “Hold My Hand” which was launched at the Hong Kong Book Fair July 2013.

Hold My Hand is a delightful, young romantic novel about Deep, a young man whose dream comes true when he is sent to Hong Kong on an internship. Leaving behind jealous but encouraging friends, a supportive father and a hysterical, overprotective mother Deep makes his first flight to a foreign land. And then he meets Ahana, a stunningly beautiful girl.

In typical Bollywood isshtyle, the two bond instantly as their romance blossoms amongst the tall buildings, fancy restaurants, and busy MTR lines of Hong Kong. Understandably, the intention of this joint endeavour was to present Hong Kong as an enjoyable travel destination amongst young Indians.


Datta has authored and co-authored over 10 books, and over no time has a large group of followers and loyal readers. His publications largely belong to the romantic genre and are based in urban India, targeting those youthful idealists who revel in mushy stories.

Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta

Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta

It is precisely this affirming angle of romance and other positive emotions, which Datta is so seasoned at articulating, that the HKTB wanted the Indian readers to associate with Hong Kong. For us locals this may trigger a cognitive dissonance, as it is seldom that we see our concrete city as the hub for romance and love stories – particularly when compared to cities like London, Paris, and New York. “With its diversity and energy, [Hong Kong] is fantastic for a romantic adventure” Datta reiterates.

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