Holi, the festival of colors is here and preparations can be seen in full swing around Indian households across the globe. Zest, enthusiasm and fun fills the hearts of one and all on the joyous occasion of Holi as we all attempt to infuse our lives with color, purity and love. As the festival is here, we share how you can celebrate Holi in Hong Kong to the fullest! Whether with ‘bhang’. water filled balloons and of course, color, you can look forward to Holi with a bang!

holi in hong kong
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1. Organise old clothes that you don’t mind staining

Since Holi is all about color, you should be prepared that there are some colors that do not come off – no matter what. So steer clear of your favorites and bring out some old white clothes , after all, you want the color to show don’t you?

2. Color, color and more color

Organise some color (organic preferably) for you to be able to throw on your friends and family. Besides color, you can also organise flower petals and dyed water for this festival. It depends on how violently colorful, or not you want to be on that day.

3. Oh, that sweet tooth This is the day where you can satiate that sweet tooth and no one will even judge you for it. Let your cravings run wild as you enter a local sweet shop. Ensure to stock up on the indian sweets so you can spread not only color, but also sweetness amongst your friends and family.

4. Load up, and enjoy!

Get set to load up on that water gun (pichkari) and load your hands with color as you prepare to smear it across smiling faces that surround you!

5. Shower some more

Smear some oil over your hair and body (preferably before playing) which makes it easier to wash off the color after you are done playing!

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