Meet Young Indian Racing Driver in HK: Brad Dias

By on November 16, 2016

Brad Dias, 20, is a thriving Goan racing driver currently based in Hong Kong. He was born and raised in Bombay, and later moved to Hong Kong where he pursued his further education at YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College. We got a chance to learn a lot about the budding sports star through a short interview. Check out the full interview with Brad Dias below.

Brad Dias

1. What made you want to pursue motorsports?

“I was about 7, I believe, the first time I went karting at the kart track in Goa. I loved it a lot and even fantasised about becoming a racing driver someday. Though for nearly a decade, it was nothing more than just a fun pastime during holidays. And being in a family with none remotely related to motorsports, I never knew how to get started.”

“However….. when I was 15, I ended up watching Top Gear and other car films which reignited my love for cars and racing again. I loved video games, and went out and bought a racing game called Forza 4 which drew me into the sport even further. Since then, I just decided ‘I’m going to become a racing driver’, and I never looked back.”


2. What’s your favourite sports other than motorsports? And who’s  your idol or someone you look up to? 

“Other than motorsports, I never was much into sports at all except Airsoft. I soon found out that being a racing car driver requires you to be excessively sharp mentally and physically fit. Right now, a lot of my time is spent training in the gym, running and sim racing. Whenever I’m back in Goa, I love to go off-road biking.”

“I really look up to Muhammad Ali and Ayrton Senna (one of the best racing drivers to have ever lived). It’s their dedication and work ethic above all that I really admire.”


3. What are some of your personal and professional highlights? 

“I love to read a lot, to keep learning and getting smarter everyday. I am Single! I enjoy working out. I excelled at academics and picked up over 30 academic awards while I was at secondary school. I am also a digital marketer and entrepreneur working on business development with partners.”


4. How is your life in Hong Kong, your friends, school/college life etc.? 

“My life in Hong Kong is pretty normal to be honest, but I always wake up grateful and excited for what I get to do. Now that I have finished school, I’ve directed everything in my life towards developing my racing career. The biggest challenge we racing drivers face is coming up with the funding to race, that’s where probably most of my waking hours are spent. I also dedicate plenty of time to fitness and simulator training.”


5. When did you start your motorsports career and where you want to go?

“I started Karting in Zhuhai. My first race was in 2013, in which I won a heat in my first race. Started racing in the Rotax Max National Championships in India in 2013. Finished at the Top Newcomer and 6th overall in my first season. In 2016 I made the switch to car racing. Got a scholarship to race cars in the MRF1600 championship and finished top newcomer.”


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