We’ve all lived our whole lives shopping for clothes by what we call ‘sizes’. One of the first things we do when traveling or moving to a new country is to convert it into a ‘local’ number.

No matter our size, I’m sure we’ve all at least once, fallen in love when seeing a beautiful dress on a mannequin, a celebrity or a friend. Even displayed on the hanger, we’re thrilled to find it in our ‘size’ but sadly, it somehow doesn’t work out or doesn’t fit us at all; how frustrating is this?

That’s why we need to understand our body shapes to be able to choose types of clothes (cut, shapes, fabric, texture, patterns and colours) and how to wear accessories that will not only fit and balance our shape but accentuate our good features and minimize our less than perfect areas.

How do we do it?

1. Have a look at the mirror and observe your silhouette

2. Use the celebrities below as examples to help

3. Follow the stylist’s most important guidelines for each body shape

4. Enjoy the compliments you receive; don’t forget to say ‘thank you’.

So, whats your shape?

Body Shape Chart

Body Shape Chart 2

Additional Tips’s by Carla:

Neat Hourglass: You have a balanced body! Simply follow your natural body line.

Full Hourglass: Your body is full of curves in all the right places! Choose fluid and shaped clothes to accentuate your curves rather than cover them up.

Triangle: You have small shoulders! Bring all the attention to your top half, accentuate your bust to divert the attention from bottom and hips.

Inverted Triangle: You have great shoulders! Highlight your hips and bottom to create volume.

Lean Column: You have the figure of a model! Your challenge is to create the illusion of curves.

Rectangle: You have an athletes shape! Soften the edges by creating the appearance of curves.

Round: You got great legs! Draw the eyes away from your torso to the aare above your bust or below your hips to give the impression of a slightly longer body.

So next time you are trying out that lovely dress in the fitting room and something or the other doesn’t fit, do not get frustrated. Just remember that you do not need to fit in the clothes, the clothes need to fit your unique body shape. 


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