The Biggest Myths About India And Its People

The Biggest Myths About India And Its People

With the second highest population in the world, India is a country identifies as a subcontinent consisting of diversity and culture. Whether it’s language or customs, every part of India has its own. With diverse cultures come a lot of different beliefs and rituals. But whether yo are an Indian or a non Indian, you’ll be surprised.

1: All Indians Are Vegetarians

One of the biggest myths about India is that ALL Indians are purely vegetarians. The truth is, there was a time when majority of the Indians were vegetarians, however, this has changed drastically over time. It’s true that most Indians refrain from eating beef due to religious reasons but these days, India is filled with as many vegetarians as non vegetarians, equally.

2: Indian Women Do Not Study

When it came to education and freedom, things were way different back in the day but it’s a complete myth that Indian women do not study. Education system in India is better than ever, but that being said, there are rural areas and villages in India that still exist where kids don’t get the opportunity to get proper education, irrespective of their gender.

3: India Is Filled With Snake-Charmers

People who visit India, mostly visit popular places in North India such as Rajasthan, which is a major tourist destination. Seeing snake-charmers and other entertainers at tourist destinations in India is a common occurrence but this does not define India and it’s definitely not something you find everywhere in India.

4: Its Always Too Hot In India

This is the one of most common myths about India. Yes India can get very hot but only during summers. People who believe this myth is true should know that it’s not like the entire country is hot, as there are many hill stations and coastal areas that remain cool and pleasant throughout the year.

5: Indians Worship Hundreds Of Gods

When it comes to God, Indians believe in one God and one energy. They respect trees, animals and humans an equal amount – and that’s all Godly in their eyes. The myth that Indians worship hundreds of Gods came to be because Indian people idolize respected kings of the past.

6: India Is A Poor Country

There are people who live in slums and beg for food but that doesn’t make the entire country poor. People have this notion about Indians based on news and movies, but this is far from the truth. India is a a developing country and it’s the 83rd country to be on the list of people living below poverty line.

7: Everyone In India Is Spiritual And Religious

Most people are under the impression that all Indians are religious and spiritual. Again, that’s not true. Not every person is a follower of gurus or overly religious in India, just as much as people of any other country.

8: Everyone In India Gets Arranged Marriage

Many foreigners think that every person in India gets arranged married. Again, this is a result of media. While it’s true that many people still get their kids arranged married in rural areas of the country, it’s not the case in cities among educated families.

9: Hinduism Is The Only Religion In India

Most people assume that Hinduism is the only religion in India. Not true! In fact, India has a long history of multi-cultural groups and religions. Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism all originated in India. Additionally, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Zoroastrianism arrived later in the 1st Millennium CE. All of these religions make India a country of diverse cultures.

10: Indians Don’t Speak English

Among many other common myths about India is the one that people in India don’t speak English. India is a land of various religions and languages, and English is one f them. It’s true that Indians have a unique accent but English is one of the primary languages of India and has been for centuries.


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