Ayurveda, a system of natural health and beauty has been around for more than 2 millennia and the practice has increased drastically in the last few decades. More and more people are shunning the idea of modern medicines and beauty products made using chemicals which serve no benefits to the body. Rather, they are considered more harmful for the body. Ayurvedic products, on the other hand, are made using only natural ingredients produced out of trees, ground, the ocean and everything pure. They possess healing properties and rarely have any side effects. With increasing pollution, humidity and stress level, it is important that we take care of our body, mind, and skin, and what could be better than au-naturel ayurvedic stuff.

Here are 5 Best Ayurveda Products For Healthy Living In Hong Kong.


1. Kama Ayurveda For Hair

Founded in 2002, Kama Ayurveda has some of the most effective hair care products. The rising temperature and pollution are both responsible for rough hair and dry scalp among other things. For everyday natural hair care, Kama offers a variety of hair cleanser, oil, conditioner and organic henna.

2. Om Veda For Body

Founded in 1997, Om Veda is an Australian brand that offers powerful health and skin products. Whether you are a working person or a stay-at-home individual, we all experience body pain from everyday stress. Om Veda offers potent body massage oils that are perfect for relieving muscle pain and stress.

3. Forest Essentials For Skin

Forest Essentials is one of the fastest growing ayurveda brands and definitely one to try. From makeup removing formula to body polishers, they offer all types of skin and hair products made our of chemical-free ingredients.

4. Medisys Ashwagandha to Reduce Fatigue

Commuting from home to work, working all day and then return home can be tiring – specially in a fast paced city like Hong Kong. Not experiencing fatigue especially in the middle of the day can be inevitable sometimes. Medisys Ashwagandha offers some very effective herbal capsules that can help fight tiredness and body ache.

5. Jiva Apoha Joint Pain

Jiva Apoha specializes in essential oils. Its Parutka (joints) Body Oil is believed to give lightening fast results from joint and muscle pain caused by long walks and standing jobs.

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