If you love hearing about haunted forts, ghostly cemeteries, ultra spooky forests then its time to plan a trip to visit Asia’s Top 10 Haunted destinations!

1. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara Forest

This breathtaking forest is located at the tip of Mount Fuji. The ‘Sea of Trees’ is rumored to be infested with ghosts, monsters and is known as a suicide central with an insane amount of paranormal activity! Did you know? The forest has a record of being the third most famous suicide site in the world with 78 bodies being found in 2012 alone and with an average of 30 suicides every year. Pretty crazy we say!

2. Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort

The spooky aura around Bhangarh Fort comes from an ancient legend in which the beautiful princess of the fort rejected an evil magician who ended up cursing the place with the death of all who dwelt there with war and famine following suit. The fort was abandoned in the 1700s and now has government restrictions to enter the fort at night.

3. Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, Korea


Gongjiam Hospital suddenly shut down about 15 years back without any explanation as to why. The freaky part is that people were mysteriously dying in this hospital before it closed down. The abandoned hospital still has jackets and white coats hanging on the walls, scribbles on whiteboards and post it notes with messages telling everyone to evacuate the hospital immediately.

4. Changi Commando Barracks, Singapore

Image Courtesy: Remember Singapore
Image Courtesy: Remembering Singapore

These barracks used to be home to 15,400 British and Australian soldiers during World War Two and was used as the SAF after they gained independence as the headquarters for commandos. The space is known to be haunted by prisoners of war who died of torture and starvation.

5. Jeruk Purut Cemetary, Jakarta, Indonesia

Jeruk Purut Cemetary

According to an age old tale, Jeruk Purut is haunted by a ghost of a priest who died by having his head cut off. Many locals and tourists visit the cemetery on Friday nights, and report seeing a child and large hairy ghoul.

6. Big Buddha Temple Koh Samui, Thailand

Big Buddha Koh Samui

According to urban legends, Big Buddha Temple in Koh Samui was a cemetery for children in the 1900’s. Till date there are many people who have stayed at the temple claiming to have seen ghosts of children, and some visitors have even said that they’ve seen an old lady with children. This legend has made the locals suggesting tourists to take care of their children and watch them carefully when here.

7. Villa Nabila, Danga Bay, Malaysia

Villa Nabila

Popularly known for its many ghost stories. The most interesting account tells us that that the villa was previously known as Christine Palace, owned by a rich mat sellah, or Caucasian. Because of his greediness, his whole family was murdered by two hit men sent by his siblings. Apparently, many ghost hunters went missing and only managed to get out of the place after dawn.

8. Bai Chay Bridge, Vietnam


Known as the ‘Bridge of Suicide’. From the day it opened in 2006, many people have chosen it as the place to end their lives. Today, around 40 guards patrol there to prevent people from committing suicide.

9. Huguang Huiguan Opera House, China

Huguang Huiguan Opera House

Built above a graveyard in 1807 as a home for the poor. Huguang Huiguan now serves as an opera house and museum, but travlers often hear noises of people shouting when no one is around. Rumours have it that the screaming is from the angry spirits of the ones buried.  There is also a strange beliefs by the locals who will warn you not to throw stones, or else the screaming might follow you to your hotel!

10. Minxiong Haunted House, Taiwan

Liu Mansion

Chiayi Minxiong haunted house, also known as old Liu mansion, is one of the most famous haunted houses in Chiayi City, Taiwan. The original Liu mansion was built in 1929 for Liu Rong-yu, a rich landowner. It is rumoured that ghosts of several soldiers from the Japanese Imperial Army platoon who died suddenly, were seen around the property while many of the other ghost stories are mainly connected to the house mostly about the death of a maid who committed suicide by throwing herself down a well.

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Have you seen or heard of any haunted places in Asia apart from the ones above? If so, tell us more in the comments section below.



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