Must Have Apps in Hong Kong

By on November 20, 2013

Living in Asia’s world city, the use of an Android or Apple smartphone is more than just second nature in Hong Kong (HK). While many applications (aka apps) are a luxury, some are necessary. Join us as we check out which are the must-have apps in Hong Kong. Bonus here is that all these apps are FREE!

Must Have Apps in Hong Kong

Commuting – Getting around a city can be daunting, and getting to know its transportation system even more so. Here are some great travel apps in Hong Kong.

  • HK eTransport. (Download: iOS / Android)Operated by the Transport Department of HK, HK eTransport provides detailed information of all means of transportation routes – including bus, minibus, taxi, tram, ferry, and Mass Transit Railway (MTR). Moreover, the app also lets users check the traffic density across various landmark places in Hong Kong, enabling travelers to best determine their route of travel.
  • MTR Mobile (Download: iOS / Android) is a specific app for detailed information about the train routes and stations in MTR network.
  • KMB & LW (Download: iOS / Android)CitybusNWFB  (Download: iOS / Android) for the same on public buses, and if they even alert the users through notifications when to disembark the vehicle.

Drink & Dine – Hong Kong has always been famous for its variety of food places, that one is bound to be lost for choice. We have some great apps for the foodies in Hong Kong.

  • OpenRice Hong Kong (Download: iOS / Android) allows people to check out then post reviews and photos of almost every place offering edibles. With a database of detailed contact information of all its entries, the app remains the first-choice click when seeking a place to eat. Besides ratings and location, the platform also lets users search by other criteria like cuisine, occasion, special features, etc. In case you’re not looking for anything in particular, and just want the closest, coolest and cheapest bars around.
  •  Barfly (Download: iOS / Android) and Happy Hour Finder (Download: Android) could guide you around and show you some good deals.

Save – Hong Kong is a very expensive city to live in. Having some apps which can help you save a little while you go out eat and shop is not only desirable, but necessary at times.

  • The Entertainer (Download: iOS / Android / Blackberry World) is a new app in the market where you can discover ‘buy 1, get 1 free’ offers in restaurants and salons and use them to save some of your hard earned money.
  • Groupon (Download: iOS Android) is one of Hong Kong’s favorite app. The app offers amazing discounts on variety of goods and services like food, massages, beauty products, electronics, luxury goods and travel & hotel deals. But let us warn you, it is quite addictive.

Yellow Pages – In the olden days, to search for a number we’d use the yellow pages big fat directory; today we’d use apps.

  • Hong Kong Search (Download: iOS / Android).  Hosting the telephone numbers of almost every recognizable company, as well as emergency numbers, this app is a must-have when staying in Hong Kong.

Hiking – For all it’s talent in being a banking hub, HK-ers also have a penchant for hiking. One is rest assured to find their local colleagues, friends and family up in the mountains, enjoying nature at its closest and maintaining their health at its fittest.

  • Enjoy Hiking (Download: iOS / Android) offers users a list of all the possible hiking routes, as well as a thorough guide on the safety guidelines, planning and preparation, what to take, what to do in emergencies, and several other useful information.

Texting – Technology has changed the way we communicate; such is the adage. Here are some texting apps in Hong Kong.

  • BBM (Download: iOS / Android) has brought back with it the fun of having a PIN, being notified of your friends’ updates, and maintaining exclusive group lists and event listings.
  • Whatsapp (Download: iOS /Android) In BBM’s rather extended absence, Whatsapp took advantage and kept its reign for being the world’s most popular multi-platform application. Instantly sharing screenshots, pictures and even voice recordings with a group of upto 30 people became a breeze.
  • WeChat (Download: iOS / Android) seems like its sibling, and is rather popular in Mainland China and even India.

Voice / Video communication – Who thought we could ever call each other, and even see each other, using our mobile devices via the internet? Hong Kong is home to many expats who need to talk to distant freinds and relatives. Here are some apps to get you doing just that easily.

  • Skype (Download: iOS / Android) – This app has extended its best selling services of desktop internet towards mobile devices. Now you don’t have to be home to have a quick video chat with your friends, but with LTE mobile broadband services in Hong Kong, you can have crystal clear video chat with family while going to work in the MTR.
  • Viber (Download: iOS / Android)Tango (Download: iOS / Android) and Line (Download: iOS /Android) have recently caught on as alternative applications used to call others, which is particularly useful when trying to communicate with contacts overseas.

Entertainment – Although HK is known for its word hard mentality, they also have hidden a personality that plays hard!

  • HK Movie (Download: iOS / Android) For those who see movies as their stress buster, HK Movie should be a must on your application list. Giving details on most of the latest movies running across all local cinemas, the app allows users to check the availability of tickets for each showtime, while some can even buy and confirm their tickets directly through the app.
  • Cityline (Download: iOS / Android) is another app which allow users to book their tickets for shows, concerts and special lectures or workshops.

News Media – When in a foreign place, it’s strongly advised that you become aware of the latest local happenings. Here are some apps which help you to connect locally.

  • The Standard (Download: iOS / Android) and SCMP News Pulse (Download: iOS / Android) are apps of two of the most widely read English newspapers in Hong Kong; The Standard, and South China Morning Post respectively. With each having its own angle of reporting events, it won’t harm to read through both to stay right up to date.
  • HK Magazine (Download: iOS / Android) Idf you want a more fun take on the happenings in Hong Kong, then HK Magazine is your definite pick. The app is also one of the most beautifully designed apps available in Hong Kong.
  • RTHK On The Go (Download: iOS / Android) For those who aren’t readers, RTHK On The Go is your stop to listen to multiple radio channels live, as well as their pre-recorded podcasts.

Job Search & Recruitment – We are a hard working city and our Job defines us. But what’s more important is what our next job would be.

  • JobsDB (Download: iOS / Android) is one of the most commonly used apps when searching, or advertising, for jobs.
  • Job Search by Indeed (Download: iOS / Android), Jiu Jik (Download: iOS / Android) and Recruit (Download: iOS / Android) are also equally effective, if not more, in finding the best candidates and/or companies.

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