90s were the best! Some of the most groundbreaking changes took place during the 90’s. Telephone services were getting better; we were heading into exciting new age of mobile phones; we saw color TV’s everywhere and gradually content on television started increasing as well as adverts.

Since you couldn’t forward the adverts, the ad agencies made sure they made engaging and creative ads – and boy were the 90’s ads good. Remember that Rasna and Action Shoes ads? If not, take a look at the list of 90s ads below. They will certainly take you back in time.

1. That Colgate Gel Ad Featuring Aishwarya Rai

2. The Funny Musst Bites Ad

3. And How Can We Forget The Awesome Rahul Pani Chala Jayega Ad For Le Sancy Soap

4. The Beautiful Amul Ad That We All Adored

5. Remember This Fair & Lovely Ad Featuring Aishwarya Rai aAnd Mahima Chaudhary?

6. The ‘No Problem’ Maruti Suzuki Ad

7. ‘Coco-Cola Ho Jaye’ Ad Featuring Aishwarya Rai And Aamir Khan

8. The Memorable Dhara Ad

9. This Hilarious Feviquick Ad

10. And Last But Certainly Not The Least, ThisDairy Milk Ad With the Insanely Catchy Soundtrack

Hope you enjoyed. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below. 


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