While there are a lot of people shooting us with their extensive list of resolutions that they are looking forward to following in the year 2020. And all you can tell them is ‘Best of Luck!’ cause you do not want to get to ahead of yourself.

That comes from a been there done that situation of planning rigorous New Year Resolutions only to have them tossed out in the third week of January itself!

The solution we have for you to bounce back this time around is to pick mindful Easy Resolutions like:

Get To Know Yourself


In today’s’ time, the majority of us expose ourselves to the internet and its trends. We tend to understand ourselves with the help of ‘Hey Siri, Okay Goole or Alexa’. Yes, everyone at some point in time has been guilty to do so! If not that, we have those who follow the tried and tested methods from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok etc.

In between of this all, when was the last time you sat down and asked yourself, ‘What would I like to do?’ or ‘Is this what I want to do?’ I’m guessing, not quite often.

Exactly why getting to know yourself is one resolution you should consider adding to your list for 2020.

Get Creative

Routine is something we all pledge by to attain success. Yet, it is known to get the better of us in many ways! So, what can be done to sustain through it all?

You can always choose to Get Creative with your routine. Start with taking your morning coffee/tea differently or step out for a night hike rather than your usual morning trails. Who knows, you might enjoy it more than you think you might.

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Declutter Your Things/Feelings

When was the last time you put on that outfit you don’t quite like? Or read that book sitting on the shelf? Or maybe just cleaned up your fridge for that matter?

The human mind is an expert in convincing us to store things for the future. We all know those times are scarce and, we often end up becoming hoarders! Not only of things but also predilections.

Make it a weekly/monthly activity to get rid of your things by donating and, feelings by letting go. Or you could use the ‘KonMari Method’ to experience free space internally as well as externally!

Spend Quality Time With Family & Friends

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and come across tables where people are more involved in their phone than the people around them? Or parents who are out on a play date with kids but end up being on a call more than half of the time?

Yes, we all have a thousand friends on Facebook, Instagram, etcetera. That shows we are more connected than ever. What’s the irony? We are on a downward spiral in terms of quality personal connections!

Don’t get me wrong when I say this. Social Media is a great platform, but, it shouldn’t be the only platform we connect on.

How about we take serious action towards changing that trend this year? Start with a simple activity of planning a weekly / two weekly games night with family and friends. Or building no-phone zones in specific areas of your house (applicable to all)!

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Explore Your Current Hobbies

The younger we had aspirations which we thought we would follow. Yet somehow, life happened to get the better of us and, we settled for a job that helps us pay the bills.

Despite that, our gut still manages to lead us down the path where we pick them up as hobbies, right? How about taking that to the next step?

It can be as simple as signing up for a course that will increase your knowledge on the subject. Or else, take the millennial path and share it with the world on various social media platforms. And if you turn out to be good like your gut confirms, there will come a day where you will spring out of bed to do the thing you love doing the most

This marks the end of our list of Easy Resolutions. We at HKYantoYan.com hope we were able to inspire you to bring in the new year with arms wide open.

Happy New Year Everyone!

P.s. Please feel free to add to the list of Easy Resolutions in the comments section below.


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