A great host always ensures that there are enough snacks on the table, drinks in everybody’s hands and fun games to keep the night going. Games are not only a way to kill boredom but also a fantastic way to bond with each other.

Whether you are getting together with old friends, colleagues, or new friends, a few games will only make the experience that much more thrilling and memorable for everyone. However, this can easily go the other way around too. We all know how it feels to be part of super boring group games. Games like UNO, Jenga, Truth & Dare are all great but they’re way too familiar now. So, how do we choose a new game that’s going to be a sure shot hit? 

Here is a list of 5 Super Fun Games For Your Next Game Night.

#1 Heads Up

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If you’re a fan of Ellen DeGeneres then you know what this game is. It’s such a fun game that can be played with friends, family and colleagues. The game is simple; choose a category and put the phone on your head so your team can see the screen. Your team then describes whatever they see on the screen. There are amazing categories such as celebrities, all green, social media, act it out, TV shows, movies and more. 

#2 It’s In The Bag!

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This one will leave everyone in fits of laughter. “It’s In The Bag” is an entertaining game for adults as well as kids. The game works even better if played with a big group of people. The rules are simple! There are 3 rounds in the game. A player grabs a card from the bag and in the first round, the payer describes the item written on the card, in the second round they define the word, and in the third round they act it out for their team. 

#3 Psych!

Source: TheHauterfly

Another exciting game by Ellen DeGeneres. What can we say! We just love Ellen. This game is so engaging and hilarious, and it’s even more fun with bigger groups. The game requires everyone to answer a common question presented on every player’s screen. Every player writes an answer and then everyone’s answers appear on the screen. Now all you have to do to win is choose the correct answer to the question. The basic idea of the game is to fool your friends. And to make the game even more interesting, you can add Ellen to play as well. Her answers are to die for. 


This party game is for meme lovers. It’s a clever game and every round will end with waves of laughter. Each player is given a set of picture cards and caption cards. All you have to do is match a photo with a caption card to make hilarious memes. The best meme wins. The complete set has 360 photo cards and 75 caption cards. Enough for a big game night!

#5 Who in the Room? 

This game is so funny but may offend some people in the room! It’s a card game wherein each person picks a random card from the deck. There are 3 questions on each card and each of those questions require a name of a person from the group. For Eg: “Who in the room would survive the least amount of time on a desert?”, “Who in the room is likely to get a tattoo of the name of a person they met just three days ago?”, “Who in the room brushes their teeth in the shower?” This game is super versatile and can be paired with another game like truth & dare or pass the parcel wherein the cards can be used as punishment for the loser.

We hope you liked these games and would consider going ahead with one on your next BIG game night!


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