The 5 Men you’ll meet while dating in Hong Kong

By on March 16, 2015

5 men in Hong Kong

Are you looking at meeting that better half in the 852? Kaitlin Kapur, founder of Anteros International Matchmaking shares with us a quick list of the 5 people you’ll meet while dating in Hong Kong.

1.     The Club King.-No matter if you’re the kind of person who goes out once a month or 5 nights a week, you’ve probably run into the Club King at some point.  You know the one. He grew up in Hong Kong and has now returned from a stint abroad to run the family business.  This guy likes his bottle service but likes building his empire even more.  Which is why you’ll find him at Dragon-I, Volar, or whichever club he’s invested in recently, using his lively persona to entertain friends and potential business partners.  While he can be quite the ladies man at the club, he’s a family man at heart and will settle down when he finds a girl that can win his, and his mother’s, heart.

2.     The Newbie-He’s just arrived in Hong Kong filled with wonder, excitement, and a little bit of fear at the prospect of adapting to life in a new country.  Dating a newbie is a bit of a gamble.  On the one hand, they aren’t fully integrated into the HK lifestyle yet which means they haven’t picked up that oh so charming Hong Kong cynicism and are open to a relationship. On the other hand, they aren’t yet committed to Hong Kong so you may invest a lot of time teaching them the ins and outs of HK life only to have them leave the next month because they can’t cut it.

3.     The Finance Guy-Also known as “anyone you meet on Wydham Street”. He’ll complain about girls who are too interested in his financial situation, yet, ask him anything and he’s sure to find a way to name-drop his firm in response ( even if he’s working in H.R.).  He spends many a night working until 2am, but is usually up for a nightcap after.

4.     The Health Nut– After too many wild nights in LKF the health nut turned the corner and is all about #greenliving . He loves socializing with other #fit people and are members of several active meet up groups, they also enjoy team activities like dragon boating.  The health nut isn’t a bad choice if you’re willing to forgo your vodka for Kombucha, and late nights at Boujis for early mornings at Pure Yoga.

5.     The white guy who’s more Asian than anyone you know- he may have grown up in Wichita Kansas but you’d never know it from his knowledge of canto pop and his mad chop stick skills.   He’s usually the only gweilo in the room and he likes it that way.

Certified Matchmaker & Founder of Anteros International Matchmaking, Kaitlin Kapur

Certified Matchmaker & Founder of Anteros International Matchmaking, Kaitlin Kapur

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