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By on July 16, 2014

Celebrity tarot card reader and astrologer, Munisha Khatwani was in town last month on a tarot trip. We caught up with her on a lazy afternoon, over home cooked quesadillas, dhoklas and a cuppa yummy coffee (thanks to Bhavika Mirchandani, the founder of Ambiance, who was hosting her here). Keeping my notes aside, I sat relishing the feast, and listening to Munisha, as she told me about her stint with tarot, her journey so far and ‘how cards indeed tell a story’. Read on and find out her top tips on what to ask and what ‘not’ to ask a tarot reader.

Canapés and conversations with Munisha Khatwani

Canapés and conversations with Munisha Khatwani

 Venturing into the world of tarot…

“I have always been intuitive. But about 12 years ago, there were a few issues in my life. Instead of going to ten thousand people to find out what’s wrong, I decided to do it myself. So that’s what triggered it off.  I went for a spiritual course, where the lady was teaching tarot. She spontaneously asked who would like to join. Back then, tarot wasn’t well-known in India; it wasn’t that popular in Asia too.”

“However, I was always drawn to the cards. When I was learning, my teacher thought that I had learnt it before and I was just playing the fool. She would show me a card and I was able to guess it’s meaning accurately. She couldn’t believe that I was a novice.  She told me that maybe I know it from another life. “

My co-actors made the perfect guinea pigs…

“I was doing television at that time [when she got into tarot]. I used to force my co-actors to sit for a reading. I told them don’t pay me, but listen to what I have to say and tell me where I am going wrong. I genuinely got good feedback in general. That helped me to gain my confidence. I started marketing myself. I started participating in events and shows, and put up my posters wherever I could.”

My age was a bit of a road block…

“I was just 21 when I started, so because of my age, nobody took me seriously. Everyone thought I was a kid. But as time went by, and my predictions started coming true, people changed their views. They realised that age is just a number.”

Being on India’s Most Desirable with Simi Garewal…

“Thanks to my shows I became very popular. For five years I had my tarot and astrology show on Star News called Teen Deviyaan. It helped me to gain my footing in tarot, as well as popularity, name, and fame. Not to forget, a growing clientele. Then I did India’s Most Desirable with Simi Garewal—it was a big jump in my career. I got to read for big personalities on TV, including Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha.”

Fear, faith and an oath of genuineness…

Munisha's mantra- Live in the moment!

Munisha’s mantra- Live in the moment!

“I used to live in the fear of what if my prediction goes wrong, but not anymore. I realised that even if I am 80% correct, it’s a good accuracy rate. No one can be 100% accurate. I’m very confident that I am 80% correct. However, scary part is the trust that people place in me; that I am responsible for their life choices. Most clients, who come to me, whether they are professionals, actors or regular people, base a lot of their life decisions on what I tell them. Even something like should they take the job or move to another country. The faith installed in me is very high.”

“I give them advice with 100% genuineness from my side. Most tarot readers and astrologers take an oath before they start their practise that we will not cheat, lie or harm people. My guruji has given me an oath, and if I do, then I lose my powers, as you accumulate bad karma. We believe in law of karma and attraction.”

The science behind tarot reading…

“Astrology is a calculative science, but tarot is an energy science. It works completely on intuition and energy. Of course, there is a theory to it— you need to know the meanings of the cards. However, there are many interpretations to each card, and many ways to read it. So you need to be connected to the cards. Cards will talk to you like a storybook. You really don’t need to ask them about anything. They will guide you.”

“I always say, any science—whether its numerology, tarot, astrology—isn’t wrong; the scientist or the person reading or predicting could be wrong. The predictions are all altered according to the energy of the person. So yes, I might read something directly than another tarot reader. Everyone has his or her own style.

“Many people ask me—how does tarot reading work, does it have a formula? I use a combination of date of birth, which I think is extremely accurate. So from numerology I can make out a person’s planets, charts etc. I use a combination of numerology, tarot and astrology. That’s why the tarot works out perfect, as it’s an amalgamation of everything.”

“I start with a basic spread—which is a seven-card spread that tells me what’s going on in general in their lives. I tell them about their lives for five-ten minutes. Usually whatever I tell them is sufficient for the person to believe in me. Then I get into my further questions, or what specific areas they are looking for answers. And I answer them accordingly.”

 My trip to Hong Kong…

Munisha with her cousin Bhavika in Hong Kong

Munisha with her cousin Bhavika in Hong Kong

“I am coming back after seven years. This is my first visit for tarot reading. My cousin Bhavika Mirchandani and her company Ambiance, has been of great help to promote me as far as my tarot is concerned. She’s also given me her house to use as an office to meet clients. I am very grateful to her and her clients for their patronage. I plan to make many more visits to Hong Kong.”

Our conversation would be incomplete without getting some tips, some strict ‘no-nos’, and of course, some predictons!

Tips to get the most out of your reading…

  • If you want to find out whether the tarot card reader is good, always ask them to tell you something about your life, rather than you telling them about it. A basic overview of your life. If the tarot reader had 50% knowledge, they will be able to tell you basic things about your life. This is to judge whether they know their craft. Don’t take it as a challenge, its to build your trust in the reader.
  • Always have respect for the energy of the cars. They pick up on your energy.
  • Go with an open mind. Tarot might surprise you. Only go if you are receptive to listen. Otherwise you are wasting your time and that of the reader.
  • Tarot is good for yes or no questions, as well as for short-term predictions—upto 6 months.

What not to ask?

  • Don’t ask about death. It’s not right on anybody’s part to take the responsibility of making a death prediction. Unless it’s a medical emergency and you need to make a call.
  • We can’t alter destiny in terms of birth, marriage and death. It’s pre-destined. You can strengthen or weaken the planets. You can only remove the blocks.
  • Avoid asking for long-term predictions—ten years, twenty years down the line. Live in the moment. Short term planning is essential—we can make predictions up to 3 to 5 years. It’s difficult beyond that. Its difficult beyond that.

A look into the future…

For HKYantoYan, I drew the Card of World, which means good growth is expected. Things are going to develop especially from September.”

“For Bollywood fans, my prediction is that if Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif sustain their relationship till December, then they have a good chance of getting married next year [leaving a trial of broken hearts, we must add!]”

For any information on Munisha’s upcoming Hong Kong trips / to book a reading on the phone, contact:  Bhavika Mirchandani: – 96332132 or [email protected]om

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