Supriya Mundhra talks about music, her inspiration and The Zero Point by Riyaaz

By on November 4, 2016

We recently caught up with Supriya Mundhra, the bright and talented brainchild of the upcoming musical show – The Zero Point by Riyaaz which is happening this weekend on Saturday, 10th December! Here’s what she has to say about the show, her inspiration and how it all began!

HKYantoYan: Tell us about yourself and how your musical journey began? Who/what has been your biggest inspiration that got you into music?

Supriya Mundhra

Supriya Mundhra: My parents are avid singers and music lovers, so singing was always a big part of my life growing up. In college, I was active in an a cappella group, and that’s where I developed a love for mashups and for arranging music.

HKYY: Who are your all time favourite artists and why?

SM: I like a lot of different music but probably have a soft spot for singer-songwriters: John Mayer, Adele, Sara Bareilles, Passenger… Or otherwise alternative rock: Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay’s older stuff…

In Hindi, I love the classics – Kishore and Asha ji. Compositions from that era never get old. And in more recent times, who doesn’t love A.R. Rahman? But for me, Amit Trivedi stands out as a composer to watch right now.

HKYY: How did The Zero Point by Riyaaz begin? Where/how did you manage to find so many artists and performers in Hong Kong?

SM: After returning from the US, I actively sought out people to jam with and platforms to perform – but there were only English open mics. Otherwise there were limited and “traditional” Indian music shows, which attracted older audiences. But young South Asians consume music differently these days. They want something new and fresh all the time. We follow YouTube artists and projects like Coke Studio and MTV unplugged, which reinvent familiar songs, or revive folk music or highlight unknown artists.

It made no sense to me that there is nothing like that in the local music scene. Especially when there are so many young people here who follow Hindi music with zeal.


Still, it took some time and some very good fortune to run into all the right people to make it happen. Muskaan (Samtani) and I had already talked about this project for a long time, and when Radhika (Ahuja) and Suhani (Jain) got involved, I knew we had a great team to work with. Each of us brings completely different and unique skill and ideas to the table, but we’re all brought together by our love for music. We found many of the singers and musicians in the show through auditions along with our network of friends.

HKYY: What tips would you give to budding and passionate Indian musicians in Hong Kong (since there are lack of platforms available)?

SM: I’m not sure I’m qualified to give tips just yet – I’m very much on the same boat. But I will say that sometimes, when there isn’t something you love out there – perhaps you don’t have the right platform or haven’t found people with similar musical interests – it’s better to put yourself out there and try different things than to do nothing at all. Because chances are that through those experiences you will run into the people and the platforms that do excite you. That’s how TZP came about!

HKYY: What can our readers expect from the show?

SM: It’s a very eclectic show. We have tried to push boundaries beyond normal expectations of Bollywood. There’s Sufi music and Indipop and classical fusion, but we’ve also tried to give a fresh flavour to well known Bollywood songs. Beyond all else, I hope people are blown away by the amount of hidden musical talent in the local South Asian community in Hong Kong.

Ticket’s for Zero Point have now been sold out! For more updates and details, don’t forget to check out their Facebook page here.

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