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By on January 19, 2013
Sutherland-Chan Centre

Lindsay Eng

Several days ago, I had scheduled what I thought was a much-needed massage at Sutherland-Chan Centre. I reckoned it would be relaxing, soothing and I’d come out of it feeling relieved of any tightness and pain I had been feeling. The one-hour treatment however, not only left me surprised, but pleasantly too. I have to admit, it wasn’t soothing, nor was it relaxing, but it was definitely recharging. My massage therapist, Lindsay Eng, certified and trained in Toronto, Canada, gave me the Clinical Massage treatment, which aimed at relieving stress and tension in certain pressure points that had been disturbing me for quite some time. She focused on my back, shoulders and neck, in which I have experienced muscle pain and stiffness for many years.

The treatment, though painful at times, as well as the day after, managed to relieve the tension I had been

Sutherland-Chan Centre

Sutherland-Chan Centre

feeling for many years. As with any kind of therapy, Sutherland-Chan Centre’s method also requires customers to go back to them every now and then to get it checked and treated. If customers only go once, they inevitably end up experiencing the same discomfort as before. Thus, a regular check-up and treatment is required for best results.

In addition to muscle tension and stiffness, the centre also provides treatments for stress and anxiety, headaches and migraines, sprains and muscle spasms and recurring injuries from sports.

Other than the clinical massage, the centre also offers therapeutic massages to alleviate pain and dysfunctions associated with stress, muscular overuse, chronic injuries and medical conditions as well as Swedish-style relaxation massages.

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Sutherland-Chan Centre – 19/F World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong | Tel –  (852) 2544 5838 | visit



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