Spa Review: Summer Exotic Glow at Sense of Touch Hong Kong

By on July 31, 2014

We still seem to have two solid months of summer—judging by the scorching heat, it might be longer. This also translates to more junks, more beach time and more reasons to spruce up for the season. Waxing, mani-pedis, body scrubbing and buffing—the list is endless. For those looking to accomplish most in one afternoon, Sense of Touch, has just the right treatment—aptly called Summer Exotic Glow. A two and half hour indulgence—body exfoliation, head massage, Brazilian wax, and a pedicure treatment—that will get you beach ready. Just what the doctor prescribed.

sot exterior2

Sense of Touch’s Lan Kwai Fong branch— get pampered, skip out and party!

I checked out the treatment at their flagship in Lan Kwai Fong. Slam in the middle of the city’s partying district, the three-storey spa is truly an urban haven. A narrow staircase leads to the first level, where the receptionist eases you into the treatment, giving you a consultation sheet to fill out, and in this case, asking you to sign a consent form for the Brazilian Wax! A standard form highlighting the usual after effects of waxing.

Once done with the paperwork, I am introduced to my therapist—Bishnu. She guides me to a tiny room on the second floor to begin the treatment with their ‘almost painless’ Brazilian wax. As nervousness kicks in, she ensures me that she will take small strips in order to make it easy. She starts off applying a warm hard blue wax—a special wax from France that contains a special polymer, which shrinks wrap the hair. This, she explains, makes it easier to pull out the hair, with minimum pain. In addition it also ensures prolonged results. Before I know she’s applied a few strips of wax, and in a swift movement she peels off one. Except a little sting, it doesn’t hurt much. She continues the process, and as promised, for the most part, the waxing is almost painless. Besides the usual burning sensation that accompanies waxing, the rest of the time passes in a breeze.  Once done, she uses honey wax to clean up.

Slip into a new smooth hide with Elemis' wonder products

Slip into a new smooth hide with Elemis’ wonder products

Next, I am escorted to another dimly-lit room for the body scrub. Unlike the first one, which felt like a room in a salon, this one was had a tranquil spa décor replete with sweet fragrances, soft music, and a wooden bath tub. She starts off with rubbing the skin with a dry brush using quick strokes (sterilized beforehand) to remove dead skin. To counter the harshness of the brush, she gently rubs the same area with her hand. She then applies an Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow scrub by Elemis. Explaining the benefits of the ingredients, my therapist tells me that while the ginger stimulates our metabolism, thus toning the body, the lime peel works on the skin, cleansing and energizing it. The scrub also consists of unrefined sea salts blended with Kukui, Camellia and Jojoba oils, giving it a coarse texture, which helps to exfoliate and remineralise the skin. It also restores the skin’s natural moisture balance. I then step into the shower to rinse off the scrub. When I come back to the massage table, she slathers my body with a tropical scented Exotic Island Flower Body Balm by Elemis that leave my skin feeling smooth and shiny. A relaxing head massage completes this session.

head massage1

Eastern head massage techniques will lull you off to sleep

For the last phase, an indulgent pedicure treatment, I head down to the second floor. I slip into the comfortable couch, as my manicurist gets to work. A relaxing foot soak, nail clipping, shaping, buffing, filing, cuticle care, a foot scrub and massage later, I am asked to pick out my polish of choice from a broad range of OPI nail colours. A skillful application and drying follows, and I am as good as new. Buffed, pruned, and painted—ready for some summer fun.


Browns and deep burgundy seem to be the colours of the season

The results, both of the wax and body scrub last for the next few weeks, leaving me with radiant, smooth skin. Whether you are gearing up for the next junk, or flying off to a resort getaway, this treatment is ideal—it has all you need in one go.

The Summer Exotic Glow treatment is priced at HK$1,680 and is available at all branches.

Sense of Touch |1-5/F, 52 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 2526 6918


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