Guide: How to be a Smart Mama in Hong Kong

By on March 7, 2015

It almost seems like a superhuman feat for the modern mother in Hong Kong to manage her kids, her thriving career, charity lunches and her hairdressing appointments, all while swigging cups of coffee to stay vigilant. It can seem like a never-ending revolution of things to do and places to be. It is important to take the SuperMom Cape off at timeouts to retain your sanity. We’ve picked out five ways on how you can be a smart mama in Hong Kong:

1. Save a little dough on Kids’ Stuff


Trampolines are great fun and an excellent way to encourage exercise amongst kids.

Get the Smart Mama Insider card! The pretty in pink card gives incredible discounts and special offers all year round for kids’ attractions, pet services, home essentials, restaurants, spas, fitness centers, retail outlets and a lot more! We’re jumping with joy thinking about the discounts at RYZE the Ultimate Trampoline Park, Playhouse, Bookazine, My Gym, Magic Mirror Kids’ Hair Salon, iSight & more.

2. Indulge in Retail Therapy


Who doesn’t love some cozy home essentials in their house?

Okay so it’s a fact – women LOVE to shop! Research indicates that it is healthy to splurge every now and then as long as we are smart about it. Whether it’s that stunning pair of earrings by Shikha Lamba you have been dreaming about or some accessories to adorn your home with at Home Essentials, set out a budget and stick to the plan!

3. Look Good & Feel Fabulous


It’s always great to unwind and indulge in a relaxing and soothing massage.

Take some time out to focus on yourself. Get fit and most certainly pamper yourself when you get the opportunity. Head out for a relaxing foot massage at the ZENturium Spa with the gals or sweat it out at Hypoxi’s effective training programs to cut short the distance to your journey to wearing that Lycra dress you have your eyes set on.

4. Let your hair down!


Enjoy a fun night out with delicious sushi and cocktails.

Whether it’s a gossip session with the gals over some Yuzu cocktails and delicate sushi rolls at Kyoto Joe or a fun date night over a glass of vino and Butter Chicken at Ista, it is important to wear your best dress and have timeouts after the kids are tucked into bed.

5. Empower Yourself

Learn the beautiful art of flower arrangement.

Learn the beautiful art of flower arrangement.

It is very important to grow as people and develop new skills. Personal development is what makes us love who we are and maximize our full potential in every aspect of life. Delight in a new hobby such as a floral arrangement course at the Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement or attend wellness workshops by Holistic Wellness by Rainbow Connections to make improvements to your lifestyle.

The Smart Mama Insider card is a must-have essential for every woman in Hong Kong. For more information on the Smart Mama card, click here.

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